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Devastated ... moving south of SEA

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Hi ladies,

I posted the thread below a few weeks back when I thought we were moving to the Mt. Vernon/Camano/Stanwood area. I got such great responses then, I am hoping I can count on you all again.

I just found out we are now being relocated SOUTH of Seattle. We are in search of our ideal home (explained below) anywhere between north of Olympia up to about Tacoma. I am so devastaed... I had my midwife and everything picked out in North Seattle.

Please read my post below, and any midwife suggestions (homebirth or birth center) would also be much appreciated. THANK YOU!

Here is my previous post, edited for our new circumstance.
Hi Mamas,

I am 5 months pregnant and my husband and I will be moving south of Seattle (Olympia to Tacoma area).

Does anyone have suggestions on where to live for new parents in their early thirties/forties who enjoy the outdoors, farmer's markets, co-ops, and good local restaurants & shops, are a little bit crunchy, mostly liberal, well educated, and despise all things corporate?

Your help is very much appreciated.
Thank you in advance. :
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Olympia is everything you're describing. I'm sorry you're not going with your orginal plan, but I think once you're settled here you won't be devastated. Olympia is a great place.
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Olympia is fabulous! No idea on mws down there, sorry!
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The Birthing Inn is a wonderful birth center and located in Tacoma. They are also able to provide you with a list of midwives with privilidges. They also have a great new website with links to bunches of local providers, www.thebirthinginn.com. Good Luck
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Thank you

I did check out the Birthing Inn and thought it looked wonderful, but was unsure about reputation and their midwives.

Thank you for the input on Olympia, so we would like some options a bit further north... any thoughts? Artsy, hippie, a little rural small town:. My husbands's boss suggested we live in Puyallup (for geographical reasons), anything within say 20-30 miles of there? Looking for a midwife in that area as well.

Thank you again so much.
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Finding anything crunchy with a small town vibe north of Olympia is difficult. Parts of Tacoma, especially the north end are becoming more crunchy. I would highly recommend against Puyallup, it is NOT crunchy at all! Puyallup in my opinion is one of the most conservative cookie cutter areas in the south sound. Trust me I have lived here for 5+ years, and have been trying (or wanting) to move for much of that time (darn the real estate market). Puyallup does have a nice farmers market and a couple of Gems (ie Terries Berries), but all in all you would be wise to aviod Puyallup especially the South Hill area unless you dont mind driving into Tacoma for non-Safewayish groceries and the like.

The Birthing Inn is often confused with Pearl Place Midwives (I am not sure if thats what you mean by reputation), but the two are acutally seperate. Many of the most highly rated and raved about midwives in the area actually attend births at the Inn, but it is just the facility the Birthing Inn does not have a staff of midwives. Midwives I personally know and love include Amy Gordon, Susan Sherwood, and Ann Olson.
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Try the Proctor or Old Town neighborhoods in Tacoma.
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Originally Posted by lucysmom View Post
Try the Proctor or Old Town neighborhoods in Tacoma.
I agree!!! We plan on moving into the Proctor area soon
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The Birthing Inn in Tacoma is wonderful... and I've heard great things about most of the midwives. Amy Gordon is my midwife and I know several ladies who have also used her....and we all just love her.

We're moving to the North Slope of Tacoma in a few weeks and it's a neat little neighborhood. I am not sure how crunchy anyone is over there, but all the neighbors have seemed very friendly and there appears to be a lot of activity in the community.
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The Tacoma/North Slope/Proctor area/North/West End are all wonderful areas. Having been born and raised here, Tacoma has gone through quite a transition. There are 3 Farmer's Market that are great - Downtown, Proctor and one of off 6th and Pine. All start up around March or April. There is a LLL at the Wheelock Library and the Birthing Inn used to have a new Mom's support group. The Birthing Inn and The Pearl Place Midwives are great and supportive in whatever type of birth you desire. Having birthed there with a Midwife from Pearl Place, I had a peaceful water birth experience. I'm also a doula and LMP and feel that the care I received was respectful and I was allowed to make choices that surrounding both myself and my baby that would not be allowed in a hospital setting.

Also, around the North End there are quite a few preschool co-ops, if that is something that you are interested in. Alot of the restaurants in the Proctor/Downtown/6th Ave area are locally owned and quite wonderful. The Mandolin Cafe off of 12th is a great place for coffee/tea and is very family friendly.

Best of Luck,

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You are all so wonderful!

Thank you Ladies!
I am calling the Birthing Inn today and the midwives you have recommended. I also got word from the Hubby's Boss that Olympia is "Ok"! Yeah! Does anyone have any recommendations for midwives in or around Olympia/Lacey?

Thank you soooo very much!:
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I had a home birth with Around the Circle Midwifery and thought Constance & Carolee were wonderful.
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All booked up

Well, I have called nearly every midwife between Olympia and Tacoma and almost everyone is booked - surprise. I have 3 choices at this point.
  1. Nancy Spencer
  2. Constance Frey
  3. Marie Wakefield

Any input and specific details on these ladies would be MUCH appreciated. Please PM me if you don't feel good about posting gory details here.

Thank you to everyone who has chimed in and helped me navigate this difficult transition.
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I have heard good things about Marie Wakefield, but have no personal experience to go by. My doula recommended her, but I had already chosen a midwife at the time (plus she was a bit far for me to go).
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I have known Marie for years, and just love her. I would completely trust her clinical judgment and knowledge. She is great!!
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I just got one more to add to my options:
Audrey Levine.

So out of...
  1. Audrey Levine
  2. Marie Wakefield
  3. Constance Frey
  4. Nancy Spencer

Who would you recommend? Any details as to why would also be appreciated.

Thanks Again so much. This is such a hard decision to make over the internet!
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I've met Audrey and she's really awesome. Constance attended both my births and she was wonderful. My first was a homebirth that had complications after the birth (very minor, just some passing out issues I had afterward). She was great through it all and knew exactly what to do and why it was happening. Second birth turned into a hospital transfer and she stood by my side during the whole thing, advising me on interventions they were offering at the hospital and what the benefit/risk would be to me. She has good instincts and makes you feel so comfortable.
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I'm sorry to hear your moving plans have changed, but hope to have you join us in Tacoma as there are many of us working to actively grow the holistic, local, liberal, outdoorsy, and a bit crunchy community here!

The only midwife on your list who I know anything about is Nancy Spencer. She has been delivering babies around here FOREVER...including my younger sister who is turning 30 in a few months! From people I know who have birthed with her in more recent years, they have all had positive experiences. Although a couple have told me for subsequent births they went with someone who didn't see as many clients with the same due date month and were less likely to use interventions (such as breaking the water, etc.).

Good luck with finding the perfect person for you! Most will do a free consultation, so if you're in the area and can make it happen, I would highly suggest meeting with each of them to see who you resonate with the most.
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Did you try Ann Olsen for midwifery care? She just helped deliver DS in January and is phenomenal!
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I'm Ann Olsen's student, so Im a bit biased. I dont know if she is full your due month or not.. but she is my first pick and was long before I was her student

I'd also recommend Constance and Audrey because everyone that Ive heard speak about them has always had great things to say and they both have nice comforting personalities and Marie because she is experienced and again, Ive heard wonderful things about her.. I dont have any personal experience with Nancy. But with her, you do have the plus of being able to birth at her birthing center. I also think she has a U/S machine in house and is skilled in using it if that is something you are looking for.

I dont know if you have called Amy Gordon or not, I know she was mentioned earlier.. she is also really great..
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