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My full moon baby is here

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7:30pm Feb 9th contractions started very mild cramping feeling. Tried to sleep because I was exhausted but laying down they kept coming around 10pm walked around and tidied up the house but then the contractions would stop. Tried going back to bed and they kept coming about every 7 minutes. Called the midwife at 1:20am to see what she thought and she suggested taking a shower or bath to see if it stopped or continued the contractions.

Before getting in the tub I called my friend and doula, Sara, and invited her over joking about a sleep over and bringing a movie to keep me company. My husband was in the kid’s room helping them to stay asleep. Every time they coughed they kept waking up. So I thought it would be good to have Sara come and chat with me help pass the time.

Took a bath for about 45 minutes and continued have contractions. I called the midwife back and told her “rise and shine”. She said she would get dressed and head over. I don’t think she believed baby would be here any time soon as I was still rather chipper. Contractions were fairly mild compared to my previous pitocin induced births. I was enjoying this fact!

Sara arrived about 2:30am. Started contracting every 3-4 minutes. I was lying on my bed upstairs and having her apply pressure to my lower back during contractions and it felt so much easier. About 5 contractions later I felt a pop and a gush. My water had broken. Decided to head downstairs as the only bathroom is on the main level and I didn’t want to be pushing the baby out while upstairs. As we got downstairs the midwife walked in the door. About 3:30 now. She asked how things were going and I told her my water just broke.

We headed into the living room and I asked Sara to use the vacuum to blow up the air mattress. I had to run and grab one of the parts from the closet in between contractions. Then I showed her how to hook up the vacuum so the air was reversed. We all thought it was comical I am doing this in active labor. Every time I had a contraction I would sit on my knees on the couch and lean on the birth ball and Sara would apply pressure to my back and hips.

After she got the mattress blown up I moved to floor and become very hot. Always a sign of transition for me. Baby started to descend even more. I asked them to go get my husband quickly. He was still lying with the kids in their bed. They had not been sleeping well because of their colds. He came down just as the head was crowning. About 5 minutes later Wesley was born at 3:46am. He slid right out onto the air mattress! I laid down with him and waited for the placenta to come out. That was about 10 minutes later then we cut the cord when it stopped pulsating. He weighed 7lbs and 14oz, 19inches long.
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Welcome Welsey!
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Congrats! Sounds like it was a great experience .
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Congratulations! Sounds like a great birth.
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Great birth story!!! Congratulations!
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Congratulations!!! What a joyful experience. :
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Congratulations, and welcome baby Wesley! Sounds like it all went perfectly! Happy Babymooning:
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: welcome baby Wesley. Your birth sounds wonderful.
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