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Baby has slight fever... do I dress him warm or cool??

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Orion has a slight fever, like from 98.5-99.7 (armpit temp), and I'm not sure exactly what I should be doing... dressing him cooly so his temp stays lower, or dressing him warmly so the fever can kill the bug he's got? I'd know @ a higher temp I'd want to cool him down (but dunno what temp that would be) but because its a lower fever I don't quite know what to do...

I'd call Kaiser, but they'd tell me to bring him in, and he's just got a bug and I'm not exposing him to who knows what to be told to give him some tylenol (which I'm not doing now, he's just extra fussy not miserable).

So any advice? Other ideas to make him more comfy is welcome to. He's got a runny nose, mild cough and sneezes...
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Hi Lisa! I'm so sorry the little guy is sick. The one thing I would say if he's still not wanting to nurse is maybe try to suction out some of the mucus before he nurses. When they have a bunch of snot up there they can't breathe and nurse at the same time. But you probably already knew that. Joe hasn't really ever gotten a fever, except after surgery, but what I've always been told to do is not to layer them. I don't know if it's the same for a low grade fever. Sorry I couldn't be of much help. I hope he feels better soon. Let me know what to do about the scale. I still haven't finished my papers grrrrrrrrrr.
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Oh geez I'm sorry I didn't call you today! Was up all night with Orion and I'm a little (but not sleepy now... : )

I'll be home tommorow if you want to stop by... dunno if you want to considering ds is under the weather or if you have time considering your papers, but I am available. If you don't want to come by when he's sick (and I totally understand) we can make arrangments when he's better... I would really like a chance to hang out too!! Was gonna go to LLL tommorow night or friday, but it would be pretty bad of me to do that when Orion is sick and I don't want to give it to other kiddos... guess I can wish he'll be better by then so we can go, but I doubt it. *Sigh*

I don't layer him in the house, so he's just in a sleeper, but I have it open right now cuz he was sweaty and *I* know I don't like being sweaty and all covered up...
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Hi there,

I think you should just dress your baby comfortably as normal (like a footed sleeper with an undershirt or onesie). A low-grade fever is your baby's friend, helping to kill the infection. We usually don't call the ped until the temp is over 100. If the temp goes above 103, you can give him a warm bath to cool him down, but give tylenol or motrin first.

good luck!
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It is a myth to overdress a child to help them "sweat" out a fever. That in fact is very dangerous and can lead to a higher temperature than what the fever is producing naturally. Keep your home between 70 and 72 degrees and keep little Orion dressed lightly. I would suggest a cotton short sleeved onesie and a light cotton pair of pants. Or a light weight cotton footed sleeper. No blankets either. I hope all is well soon.
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Thanks I have him in a light sleeper, what I generally have him in at home... I just thought "what would I want if I had a fever" and being in comfy clothes that aren't hot but keep me from getting a chill would be what I'd like, so that's what he got
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