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Any knitters here in the Oct. DDC?

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I am! What are you ladies working on or plan to work on for the new baby? I started a pair of longies right after I found out I'm using a giraffe like colorway (yellowish and brown), cute!! Several more pairs will follow, I think I'll do a few newborn and I few bigger ones.
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I'm a knitting newb! I don't know if I'll get good enough over the next eight months to make much more than a blanket for the baby. I have seen some really adorable little pants that I would love to make if I could. I'll try and find a picture so you can see.
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At the rate I'm accumulating things to make, this baby could be clothed entirely in knitting. One that I really love is the Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan.
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I just started to knit again after many many years.
I finished my first baby hat last night. A very cute pumpkin hat, for the new lil pumpkin. I am going to have my Aunt teach me how to do a few other things and start on some wool soakers. I really want to find an easy for beginner pattern for booties.
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I don't knit, but I do crochet. I almost exclusively crochet wool soakers.

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All those things sound great, ladies!

Loving the pumpkin hat idea for out little October babies
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I'll be making some soakers, longies, a kimono, hats, booties.

This is the only reason I keep considering finding out the sex. LOL I don't want to know but yet I would love to knit gender specific.
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I've been knitting for about a year now and I'm working on soakers. I have to finish one for a friend and one for my DS that is about halfway done. I'm using the Punk Knitters pattern, I love it!!!

Julie - Can you share what pattern you're using for longies? I've been wanting to make some for sooo long but I can't find a pattern that seems to work for me. I'm fairly new to knitting but I feel like if I can make a soaker I should be able to make longies too, at least I'd like to.
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I'm a crocheter as well... no plans yet for the new baby. Probably some soakers.
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OMG the sheep cardi looks SOOOO cute! :

I'm a novice knitter and decent crocheter. I haven't been able to play with string for a long time though because my kids always "help" How do you knit with LOs underfoot! I would like to work on some hats and shorties for this new one (I have enough longies) but I'm not sure If I will have time to do it. We shall see.

I would LOVE to make this http://www.babycenter.com/0_bunny-be...ern_1445260.bc For the new baby, but I'm trying to figure out my circular needles to no avail . A pumpkin hat would be cute too
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YEAH KNITTERS!! This is too cool.

Well, I am working on a pair of red felted wool slippers for my 2yo, and a Lopi Icelandic sweater for my husband. It was supposed to be a Christmas present. But we just moved, and then I fell in love with the slipper idea!

I haven't thought of anything for the new little one yet. I'm so impressed that some of you have already started a project!! Meadowmom...would you mind sharing the pumpkin hat pattern? It'd be so cute to know that there were a bunch of newborns out there with the same hand-knitted pumpkin hat!

I second the sheep cardigan being adorable!! So freakin cute!

And Julie, I'm also wondering if you could share your longie pattern. I've made a bunch of soakers, but I've yet to make a longie...and been meaning to do so forever!!!

I've got so many projects I want to do! When will I ever get to do them??! I would love to see everyone's finished knits! Hey! Maybe we could take pictures of our baby knits and post them here...I have to be honest and say I actually don't know how to do that!
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I've got two sweaters on the go. One is a very soft blue, that I can just add a pink ribbon to and it can be for a boy or girl. The other is green, also gender neutral, but the pattern is pretty girly. I am also crocheting a Christening gown that I started for DS, but never finished (good thing he was a boy, I quickly sewed a little suit out of the leftovers of my wedding dress.) And just so all my projects aren't baby, I'm working on my first pair of socks. Most people love making socks, so I'm hoping it will be easy enough that I can always just have a sock on the go. I went to a quilt shop last week too and bought pirate fabric for a baby quilt. Oh the joys of nesting, I'm never so productive.
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I have got to ask...what are soakers???

I am a knitter and can't wait to start making things. I'm afraid of jinxing myself, though!

I want to learn to crochet, too. I have a couple of books to get me going. I'd love to make a grandma square baby blanket.

I love the pumpkin hat idea, too. I just made a strawberry one for a friend of mine.

I guess that we'll be just in time for winter again, huh?!
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I am using the Sheepy Time Knits patter for making longies. I enjoy it, I'm just not a huge fan of short rows.

I found this today too when I went looking for pumpkin hat patterns:

So cute!
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I'm not a knitter. DH has been had to be out of town for work for the last few weeks. In the evenings he's been hanging out with some friends we know there. They go to a knitting night at a Thai resturant every other week. Last week DH got some yarn and needles and they were teaching him to knit! He's so cute.
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I knit, crochet and sew and have all kinds of ideas floating through my head. I will not be starting a single baby project until I am done with the 365652 other projects that are half done in my project bags and baskets!

Well, unless I find some yarn/fabric that just happens to throw itself at me first...
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oh masel...men who knit are so hot.

MeredithK...Longies are just long wool pants for babies. They are most commonly used for us who cloth diaper. Wool has such wonderful properties! One is that it can hold an incredible weight in liquid, and still feel dry!! So, you just put on a cloth diaper and pull a longie over it! You can also use a wool "soaker" for warmer weather....which is a longie without the long legs(also called shorties)...or basically a wool diaper cover. It's so cool that I know all that now. Just 2 years ago I would have been lost with all this. Cloth diapering, like knitting, opens you up to a fantastic world!

jennyvangy...you'll love socks..so much fun! I just started making them a few years ago. They say once you've done 5 pairs of socks, you'll never forget how to do it!! The only tricky part is the heel, and it's easy once you've done a few.

Love all the pumpkin stuff ladies!! Can't believe we're gonna have little newborns for Halloween!
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Yup! I already had some grownup projects going when I found out, so those are still on. Next I plan to make a couple baby hats, cause a friend said you need them at first. Then I think I'll move on to soakers and longies. Yay, an opportunity to knit small things!
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I have a couple of projects in the works. I've got a kimono type sweater that is about 3/4 done, 2 blankets that I basically just have to bind off, a pair of longies that I just have to finish the trim on, and two hats (one that is complete but needs some decoration and another that I just have to decrease and bind off). I have tons of patterns bookmarked that I want to get to and I think I might have to get the sheepy time pants pattern just because it has 6 sizes! I'll probably be working on more hats since it gets cold in the winter where I am and I need to start on some soakers. I just remembered that I have a pattern for a pair of leggings with feet that I want to get started on. I'm just afraid to start just cause I'm a little superstitious!
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Wouldn't it be fun for all of us to do the pumpkin hat pattern for our halloween babies. I think I will also make some matching longies or leg warmers out of the yarn, since I don't have orange or green and will have to buy full skeins. Too cute!
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