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someone made a comment about my DD eating grapes at the supermarket (I bring her snacks) that would she choke they aren't cut up. She is 2 years 2 months and we stopped cutting up her grapes a long time ago.

should I still be cutting them up? never occurred to me that this would still be necessary, but since someone commented I thought I would ask. They may not have kids, or maybe my DD looks younger then she is and that's why they said that. or maybe I should still be cutting them up...
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DS is almost 3, but I haven't cut them in a long time. He likes them to be whole.
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Where I live, daycares cannot serve grapes to toddlers. It's a licensing rule and it's due to choking (also not allowed to serve raisins, marshmellows, nuts of any kind, small candy, etc)
That said, I don't really see anything wrong with giving your 2 year old whole grapes. I mean, you're the mom and you know what she can handle. Keep in mind that the person who approached you in the store was probably doing it out of good intention. She just didn't want anything bad to happen to your DD.

One thought.... you might consider cutting up the grapes if your DD is going to be eating them in a situation that would increase the risk of choking anyway (or the risk of you not being able to help her if she did start choking)--i.e. on a picnic (where she might not be sitting the whole time), in the car, etc
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I don't think she meant anything bad by the comment. (I tend not to take offense or feel 'judged' but I listen to what people say and consider it) which is why I posted here for more opinions.

I didn't know that about daycares! (and I used to work in one lol)
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I think it really depends on the child.
DS "graduated" to whole grapes quite some time ago, I think he was 17 or 18 months? Because he demonstrated that he was capable of chewing them consistently.
A friend's child is much older than DS yet she still needs them cut up because she will not chew them and it is a choking hazard.
It's like anything else, they develop at a different rate so what one child can do safely (say, climb stairs, walk, use a spoon) another might not be ready.
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I don't tend to be overly cautious and stopped cutting grapes(or biting them in half)when my daughter was pretty little because she chewed them and I didn't see a problem.When she was 3 I had to stop her from choking on one.Not because she didn't know how to chew it but because she put it in her mouth just a little bit and sucked it in the rest of the way.It got stuck in her throat and she couldn't even make a noise.Thankfully I was right there and able to get it out.Grapes are just the perfect size and shape for getting stuck pretty easily.
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Yes. They are a major choking hazard and your child is at the supermarket (not sitting at a table.) I would cut them lengthwise.
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I cut my 26 mo's grapes into quarters
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i dont cut my 2 yr olds grapes and havent since a relative gave them to her whole when she was around 16 mos old and she chewed them just fine. its a personal choice - dont sweat it!
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thanks for all the insight. rere - that could have happened with anything a child was eating! must have been scary though!

little grey you are right.. that is another thing I let DD go up and down stairs on her own because she is fine with it, but I think the recommended age is older then 2 for that too...
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My DS gets grapes occasionally (mostly at his great grandparents where they have them most all the time, but esp if they know we/he is coming, and I dont think I've ever cut them up... I don't peel apples either though, or cut the crusts off his sandwiches, or anything of the sort. He's always managed just peachy fine.
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I learned first-hand how different every child is. I stopped cutting up grapes for my DD pretty early - i don't remember exactly how old. But, she always chewed them really well, and never ever choked on anything. She just seemed really good about taking small bites.

However, one day I was with a friend and giving my DD and her DD (same age) small crackers one at a time. My DD was eating them fine and I was so used to giving her snacks this way. All of a sudden my friend's DD starting gagging and her mouth was FULL of crackers. She never chewed or swallowed any of them. I felt so bad, but I think I and her mom learned a lesson!
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I agree with the PPs--every child is different, and you as her mother know what she can handle.

We didn't do purees and mush at all with DS, since we went the Baby Led Weaning route (placed regular food in front of him and let him eat when he was ready.) For that reason, he has had a lot more experience with solid foods than most toddlers his age, and I am pretty confident that he can handle such foods well. I started giving him whole grapes a few months ago, and he is 18 months old now. With foods like whole grapes, apples, and other "chokeables" I do supervise him closely...and I tend to cut them in halves if he will be eating them in the stroller or another place where I don't have him under constant supervision. But at home where I can see him-I just give them to him whole. He chews them well.
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I haven't cut up DD's grapes in well over a year (she's 2.5 now). In fact, I often give them to her in a bunch on the stems. She does fine. I let her eat them in the car (in the backseat, rear facing). I suppose she might choke on them, but it's about as likely as her choking on any other food in the car. She's often walking around eating fruit.

I also let her eat whole apples. In fact, she eats the bottom half of the core too. I just don't worry about it.

Now, if she had a tendancy to choke, I wouldn't do those things. She gags periodically (less than once a week), coughs up what's slightly stuck, and moves on with eating. She's been good at that for well over a year.
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Originally Posted by Flower of Bliss View Post

I also let her eat whole apples. In fact, she eats the bottom half of the core too. I just don't worry about it.
LOL...so does my DS. In fact, he's been known to eat the whole core.
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I don't cut up grapes for my 2 year old either and never have. I just pay attention when he's eating something like that. I let him eat popcorn, cherry tomatoes and all sorts of other things that are choking hazards. Just be sure you know the heimlich manuever and don't let other people get to you.
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I cut my son's in half, and he's almost 25 months. I'm too paranoid not to.
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I run a home childcare and cut up grapes for all daycare children under the age of 5.

I don't often do it anymore for my dsage2 outside daycare hours though -- I might serve them whole at the table, but if I am packing a "to go" snack that might be eaten while walking around or riding in the car, I do cut them.

I used to slightly crush grapes with my finger before giving them to him when we'd get some and it wasn't convenient to cut them properly.

I had a dangerous choking incident with my ddthenage4 when she got into a bowl of hard candy and ete some while hopping around with friends. One became lodged in her throat -- terribly scary but long story short, she ended up ok.
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I wonder how many of us cutters' children have had choking incidents and if that plays into it. My son choked pretty bad when he was around a year old and I always chop everything down really small. Although I also can't imagine letting him go up and down stairs by himself, so maybe I'm just paranoid?
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I give my 17 month old DS whole grapes :

I agree with PPs, you're the mom and you know what he can handle. You wouldn't believe the reaction I got at a pedi visit when he was 11 months old and she heard I gave him apple... you would have thought I told her I was giving him a knife and a plastic bag to play with. I guess I'm just more lax than others but I am completely confident if my DS were to start choking that I could take care of it- I have and will have to in the future I'm sure .
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