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A call that I never expected... New update #41

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This past Monday I received a phone call from my OB doctor. He is also my family doctor. It seems that my blood type, which is B+ has been "dirtied" by a -E Antigen. DH had to have his blood tested to make sure that he didn't pass the -E on to me. He didn't. I believe that I got it from the blood of my last baby.

The -E Antigen is in the same family as the RH factor. I can't really even process this right now because so little is known about the affects of this antigen. There isn't a shot for it like RH, and there is a 50-50 chance that my baby will suffer ill side affects because of it.

On Wednesday DH and I will meet with an OB-GYN for counseling. Then we will find out what we are possibly in for. I know that I will have to have regular blood tests but past that, I do not know if there will be more interventions. The OB that I will be seeing has never even seen this before and she delivers over 300 babies a year. It's quite rare.

I just keep praying for the little life growing inside of me.
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how scary, I hope everything goes smoothly.
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that must be really hard.
I've never heard of it before.
I hope your meeting on wednesday is positive and all will be well.
Keep us updated.
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PM PICTURESQUE - she has the anti-e antigen and has educated herself greatly on it!! She is now pregnant for the second time and has had no complications with either pregnancy.
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and : I hope you are able to get through this without any ill effects for you or your babe. Hang in there mama.
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Best of luck!!!!!
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I've heard of this but I don't remember where. Hopefully you can find out what information you need and the baby will be ok.
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Thanks to everyone for the kind replies.

Jeliphish - Thank you for the recommendation. I have already sent her a message.
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Will be praying that all goes well, Mama!
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May all go well for you!
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I'm sorry that you are scared, I hope everything goes well for you and your baby
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I'm so sorry! My ds2 suffered from an ABO incompatibility and needed a blood transfusion after birth. DS1 had caused an immune response, so DS2 suffered the ill effects. Luckily, my dd had my blood type since she was born 5.5 weeks early and we didn't have a chance to prepare for her treatment.

The main reason why I did genetic testing with this current baby is so that we can know which blood type the baby has to better prepare for the birth. If the baby has my blood type, we're OK. If the baby has Daddy's, then I have to take a preventative drug for a full 10 days before the birth and Daddy will have blood drawn so that we can use blood products from him, if needed. I know that my incompatibility is different, but they're also similar since my O's were attacking his As once he was born. There's no shot this either. I hope that things go well for you & your little baby!!!
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Now that's a reason to get genetic testing done. It's just crazy our bodies can attack something we grow inside it.
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How scary Geonomics! I am glad that everything turned out alright. Modern medicine certainly does have it's "ups".
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Oh man, who KNEW?!! Keep us posted.
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Keep praying mama; He hears you. Ill keep u in prayer as well. <3
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Sending you and your baby good vibes!!
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I hope your appointment goes well today. Sending healthy baby vibes your way!
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Update Post

Thanks everyone for the prayer and thoughts.

Our appt. with the OB/GYN went very well today. Here is the info that I have about the E-antigen. I understand things so much more now but my mind can't understand everything. Probably because I do not have a medical degree. So I will explain things to the best of my ability.

Everyone has antigens in their blood. Everyone has the E antigen. "Big" E is dominant and "little" e is recessive. I was born with ee. We found out that DH was born with Ee. I now have a "big" E in my blood stream. My own antibodies have attatched themselves to it because "little" e's do not like "big" E's.

Since I've never had a blood transfusion the only explanation for this change in my blood is that one of our 2 children was born with a "big" E. Somehow a trace of their blood mixed with mine. It could have been DS, who was born first and the titers (the count) wasn't high enough to be detected when I was pregnant with DD. Or DD could have the "big" E antigen in her blood. Either way, it doesn't pay to find out who it is becuase it won't affect the outcome of this pregnancy. It's irrelevant at this point.

Now, the baby that I am carrying has a 50/50 chance of either being a "big" E or "little" e. If it is a "little" e, nothing will happen. If it has the "big" E then the antibodies in my blood with attact the baby. If this happens the baby can have Hemolyfic Disease of the Newborn. This is exactly what happens with pregnant mothers who are RH- (which is the D antigen) whom aren't treated.

For those of you who don't know, an untreated RH- factor can be very serious and will very likely lead to the aformentioned disease. The good news is that even though the E Antigen can do the same thing, the chances of it ever getting to that are very very slim. Usually 10%. There is no treatment for the E antigen.

So at every prenatal appointment, I will have more blood drawn and my titers with be checked. If they started to increase, and it's likely that they won't, then I will be monitered more heavily. If they go up too high then I will have to see a trained specialist who will do an ultrasound on the babies brain. This is the safest way that they can determine the health status of the baby.

Worst case senario is that I will have to deliver early. The OB reassured me that this would be an incredibly rare occurance and that I should not even think twice about it at this point. My only thoughts on it will be heavy praying that this little babe either has the "little" e antigen or that my titers stay put where they are.

I am incredibly hopeful that this child will be born into this world naturally and full term without any complications.

Thanks again so much for all of your support!

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