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I just called my doctors office this morning to get the results on my latest blood test. My titers have gone up. Last month they were less than 1 and now they are at one. My doctor is out of town until Monday so for my own sanity I put in a call to the OB that is also tracking my progress. I am hoping to find out what sort of number scale we are working with. It wasn't mentioned at our meeting and now for me it has become important information.

So when I find that out I will check back in here.

I feel so deflated. I have been praying and feeling really positive about this whole thing but now... I am just going to try my hardest not to let it get to me. I need to be focused for my other kiddos.
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I hope you get a call back really soon and everything turns out to be ok. How stressful. Sending healthy baby vibes to you.
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How stressful. Sending good vibes for a quick return call with good news :
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I hope you get some positive news! Hugs.
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prayers. <3
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I got a call back from the OB's nurse. The OB said that 1 is still a really low number so there is still nothing to worry about. Yeah right! I also PM'd another mom here on MDC who has gone through this. She said that a key number that the doctors look for is 8. So being at 1 is still quite low.

My due date can not come soon enough...
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- try not to stress, mama. Sending you healthy baby vibes...hang in there.
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glad to see you're staying low... still sending prayer up.

finally my first appointment is set- i'll be at the perinatologist office on the 30th...
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checking in and thinking about you. Hope it stays low...

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Try to keep your spirits up...sounds like you are staying very low even if there was a slight increase. I know it's easy to say don't worry. I don't mean to dismiss your concerns. Just take comfort in knowing that you and your providers are monitoring this and your Dr.'s will do what they need to do if it ever comes to that but for now your titers were still really low. That's good. They were still low!

Sending prayers for you and your baby and your family.
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I've been thinking of you!!!! Glad that your numbers are still "low".
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lots of. We'll also send up some prayers for you!
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Hi! I am in the June DDC, but I saw this post and thought I would share my story!

I found out during my second pregnancy that I was making anti-kell antibodies. My dh is heterozygous for the kell antigen- we think I got sensitized during my c-section with my oldest. Kell is a pretty aggressive antigen and you can't tell the severity of it based on titers, so we did weekly MCAs. My first son was born at 40 weeks, and he only spent minimal time on the bililights. My second son also had the antigen, we did MCAs with him, induced at 37 weeks and he was as healthy as a little horse

We did an amnio at 23 weeks to find out if our current baby has it and she doesn't, so no monitoring! : I can certainly sympathize with you wanting to get the pregnancy part over so you can have a healthy babe in arms- that is just the way that I felt with my pregnancies with my boys Good luck! I just wanted to reassure you that there is hope, even if you have isoimmunization!
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just sending my thoughts and prayers...
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how're you doing mama? how often are you having to get tested?
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Thanks for asking and thank you for the thoughts and prayers. I forgot to post after my last blood test.

I get tested at every prenatal appointment. My last test results came in great! There haven't been any other changes! Hopefully our prayers have been answered and Tiny Baby doesn't have DH's E antigen. So far we have a very healthy and thriving little baby.

Thanks again.
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that's wonderful! continuing to pray your results keep looking great.

we got the reults of my dh's labs, and he tested positive for the E antigen on his RBC... my next test is in a couple of weeks, we did find out that our bean is a boy though at the peri appt that i had.

i'm at 1:4 right now...
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mom2tig99Nroo03 - I will continue to pray for you and your baby as well.

My numbers are currently 1:1.
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Great News! My latest bloodwork came back and my numbers have gone down from last month. Now I really feel like I can rest easy.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers.

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