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x-posted infant carseat question

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SO...My mil got me an infant bucket seat (Graco Snugride) from her neighbor. I thought, okay, she trusts her neighbor, it's from 2007, I'll use it. Today I brought it out of storage and was going to try it out. I found that it does not have an owner's manual and the cover doesn't seem to have any way to hold it down on the bottom. I called the number on the side to order a manual and when I told the woman the model number she asked if I was aware of the recall on the padding. I was not. She is sending the owner's manual and the recall repair kit out to me on Monday. I'm thinking I don't want to use the seat, though. Maybe it could be a back-up, if I make sure it has all of it's parts and is in working order. It just makes me nervous. I'm glad I didn't wait until the very last minute. I don't know what my mil will think, but the safety of my baby is more important than what she thinks.

My mom says she'll buy me a carseat (I'll probably offer to split it with her). Does anyone have an infant car seat that they love? Seeing as this is my last child, I'm hestitant to spend a ton of money on a limited use seat, but I want something safe. I highly doubt she's going to be a huge baby, so I'm not sure that I want to start right off with a convertible seat. I have two Evenflo Triumphs already and they just seem huge for a newborn. My oldest is in a booster, so I'm only using one right now. Blah. I didn't want to have to worry about this right now. Any advice?
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The True Fit is a pretty good convertible to use from the beginning, because the headrest is removable for babies (under 22 lbs. and head more than 1" from the top of the shell w/o headrest), and the height padding means they will usually fit the shoulder straps.

The SnugRide is a perfectly reasonable bucket, and fairly inexpensive. There's also a version that goes to 32 lbs., but it doesn't sound like you'd need that.
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Really, if it was me, i'd just use the Triumph, but I don't like infant buckets much, they are too heavy and awkward to carry. The bottom slots are plenty low enough on a Triumph to fit a newborn correctly.
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We have a recalled SnugRide that we're continuing to use. We registered it, Graco sent us the new padding on it. It was really no big deal. The recall in no way shape or form affected the functioning of the seat. I can't image not using a bucket seat. To me they're very convenient. But, of course, I don't baby wear as much as most on this board do.
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We are using a TrueFit from birth this time
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We have loved the Graco Snugride that we got before dd was born in '06. It's been a great carseat and we've used it for two kids. We babywear but not constantly - if my baby is asleep in the carseat, I'll bring it in and put it in the basket of the shopping cart to avoid waking the baby. It also fits on the stroller we have, which is really convenient for walks or shopping. Weather is often inclement so the baby bucket/tank stroller is much more functional most of the year than babywearing for going for a walk.

I'm personally not comfy with putting a newborn in a Britax convertible seat (kids graduate to Britax Boulevard or similar after the Snugride). I don't think they're really designed for tiny babies, and my daughter was small for a very long time so she got a lot of use out of the Snugride.

That said, I'm not trying to sell you a Snugride. :-) They only go up to 22 lbs. We just found it to be a great infant seat for us.
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our graco had the recalled padding too. all it was was that it might come apart in the wash and cause choking hazards if the baby put a piece in his mouth. they sent us a new cover and all was fine i kept the old one too, and it didnt fall apart in the wash, lol
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Sounds as if the actuall recall issue (just the padding) isn't such a big deal.

I think the more important question is whether or not you trust that the neighbours were never ever in an accident of any sort while the carseat was in their car.

If you could guarantee it hasn't been in an accident, I would definitely go ahead and use the seat, especially now that you have the manual and the new cover.
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I would also be worried that maybe the straps had been washed. So many people do that and thinking nothing of it, but it really compromises the integrity of the harness. If you decide to keep that infant seat, I would be tempted to order a new harness as well.
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I wouldn't worry about the recall on the padding. However, I think Rebecca's suggestion of ordering new harnessing is a good one! If you want the convenience of a carrier and you know and trust that these seat hasn't been in a crash, I would use your mom's help to buy a good convertible like the TrueFit or a Marathon/Boulevard and just use the carrier for those first teeny baby months. I'm not big on carriers but had two winter babes in Michigan, so I wanted the convenience through the winter, then we switched into a convertible.
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