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Midwife In CT

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I live in Middlesex county close to 91 and I am looking for a really great midwife. I would like to tell you more about what I am looking for but I am pregnant with my first child and only 8 weeks along.

What I do know is I want someone that doesn't swear by AMA, understands it and is willing to offer advise but not force me into something.

I am considering avoiding many if not all vacines (need to do research here), if it is a boy I won't be even considering circumcision. I know there are a ton of decisions to make and I want to have the option...not the OBGYN or whatever person at the hospital thinks this is standard procedure.

So any recommendations? I know the place in danbury is suppose to be great but it is an hour from my house and that makes me nervous.
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looking for a home birth or hospital birth??
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looking for...

Well I guess what I am not looking for is a home birth...not ready for that. But I also don't want a sterile hospital room with bright lights and people running in and out wanting to stick me and prod around.

I have heard of birthing centers and that sounds like the best of both worlds. I remember when my mom was pregnant we went to a birthing center and the waiting room was fantastic...from a kids point of view it was the place to be. SO I can only imagine it was the same for my mom.
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You should check out the Birth Place at St. Mary's in Waterbury. It's great! The midwives at Naugatuck Valley OB/GYN work there. They are really wonderful, especially Paula Cate, who is the head MW.
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You may do well with Birth & Beyond in Madison- they do homebirth but also birth at Hartford Hospital. Unfortunatley the only real birth center in CT is in Danbury...not sure if you're willing to go that far.
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I moved mid-pregnancy, but had intended to give birth at the Danbury birth centre. I really liked Kathy there and the place seemed lovely. I had to travel nearly an hour and felt that it would have been worth it. Go talk to them and see what you think!
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I had the midwives at St. Mary's in Waterbury for my two pregnancies. My first birth was attended by Paula Cate at the birth center in the hospital. Ironically, it was the first time I'd even met her, as I'd never seen her during prenatal visits... and the pushing phase was a bit too coached for my taste, but it was my first time giving birth. I would have done better to meet every midwife that could be on call, but I didn't think of that. The actual birth was lovely though, very peaceful (minus the pushing stage, but the labor up to that point was excellent). My second birth was actually unattended, but I saw the midwives for prenatals and after the birth, and I have only good things to say about all of them. Maureen was especially helpful in everything I had questions with, and Jessica was a great advocate too to go between the OB's.

One problem with that, though. They are pretty much under the OB's guidance in all things. A few times my midwives were OK with fewer tests / interventions but when they tried to run it by the OB's the head OB's overruled them and I had to get the tests done after all. : And if you don't fit certain criteria, I guess they can't let you into the birth center. However, if you're willing to be a good advocate for your rights on what tests to take or not, and you don't have any complications barring you from the birth center, it's a great place to go.

We also interviewed a homebirth midwife from New Haven, gosh, I don't even remember her name. She seemed *great* but her fee was just way too high for it to be a feasible option to hire her.

I've also heard relatively good things about Norwalk hospital's L&D suite. They are supposedly very mother-baby friendly. However, the doctors there weren't very good about taking my complaints seriously. They are very mainstream medical minded, if you get my drift. I switched from them early in my first pregnancy after I was admitted to the ER for the SIXTH time in a month, with seizures from dehydration (hyperemesis). The OB's verdict? "Suck on lemon drops, that'll make the nausea stop." Umm. Yeah. I switched to St. Mary's and they actually took good care of me, got me a Zofran pump, and all the rest. I have only good things to say about them.
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Birth and Beyond is Great! They have helped me deliver three times -see my sig for more info. I commuted over an hour to see them - you are much closer.
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I've also heard great things about Birth & Beyond. I had excellent interactions with the OBs that the midwives at St. Mary's are working with. I suspect there is some variation depending on the OB, but I was high risk (booted out of the birth center for high blood pressure, plus on blood thinners) and while the midwives recommended induction, they made it clear it was my choice.

I was threading a pretty slim needle. Some extra intervention and monitoring were clearly necessary in my case. One thing I really liked is that we had good discussions about how much and they always left the decision to me. Just to give one example - I had had two first trimester losses and needed to take a blood thinner so the first trimester was pretty scary. Scary enough that there was no talk of prenatal testing - we just wanted the baby to make it through the first 13 weeks. When it finally seemed that we had a viable pregnancy, the OB sort of said, oh, maybe we should talk about prenatal testing? I said, sure, tell me what the options are and what the pros and cons are. He did that and I said I'd like to do this, but not that, and he said fine. The same was true at the end of the pregnancy. At one point they said, for most patients in your situation, this is how often we do NSTs. I said, that's too often for me, how about half as often, and they said fine.

I go into this level of detail just to give you a sense that I found even the OBs (at least the one I worked with) to be decision-enablers - that is, they helped me make good decisions about my own care, rather than saying, you must do X, Y and Z.
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Joni Stone is wonderful!
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Paula Cate - the WORST midwife

Originally Posted by Girlprof View Post
You should check out the Birth Place at St. Mary's in Waterbury. It's great! The midwives at Naugatuck Valley OB/GYN work there. They are really wonderful, especially Paula Cate, who is the head MW.
I am sorry, but I have to 100% disagree. I gave birth at the Birthplace in March of 2009. She was rude. She had no empathy. She yelled at me for getting into the tub too early. No one informed me that I could not get into the tub until I was 5 cm. She has no compassion for a woman in labor. The other three midwives are fantastic. Just pray to God you do not get Paula! I had two friends who gave birth just weeks before and after me and both had AWFUL experiences with Paula Cate. She should retire. She's an angry, mean person. Not really the person you want when you're in LABOR!
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Birth & Beyond is no longer accepting birth clients; they've had to cut back to only doing gyn care. Hopefully this is temporary, but that's where they are right now.

I know there are still a few good midwives in the state that women in the central CT area have used, but I have mama brain and I can't remember any of their names. If you check in at Papaya Patch in West Hartford or at www.fclct.org, I know there are mothers there who have used midwives recently and could give you a recommendation. Just make sure you specify that you're looking for a birth center or birth friendly hospital rather than a homebirth.

I had a good experience with Middlesex Hospital. It's more of a traditional hospital setting physically, because it's not the newest building, but they're a Baby Friendly-certified hospital and as long as you specify the atmosphere that you want, they're willing to do that. My first birth there saw a lot of use of the rocking chair, birthing ball, birthing stool (at a nurse's suggestion), shower, squatting bar, and encouragement for frequent position changes. There were nurses in and out, which I decided I didn't like, so for my second birth, I specified a quiet environment and I got it. Aquadoula tub set up in the bathroom, dim lights, music, no IV, no hookup to a monitor on admittance, just my husband and doula in the room with me and my chosen doctor coming in quietly every hour or two to check fetal heart tones with a handheld doppler while I stayed in the water.
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Well I ended up deciding to make the drive out to danbury. I noticed that Birth & Beyond was cutting back and was soooo glad I hadn't chosen them and then had to relocate. I checked out St. Mary's but even with the birth center I was concerned if I got risked out that I would be stuck in that stinky hospital...just smelled like hospital but I didn't like it. So an hour and fifteen minute ride to danbury is fine with me. The midwives arent bothered or concerned by the commute, so I will deal with the drive time and hopefully don't hate myself for the decision when labor starts!
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Wow. That's a totally different Middlesex Hospital perspective than my experience. I hope things have changed since I birthed there in 2006. I was delivered by Dr. Byrd who was just hellacious. The nurses were heaven-sent though...I'd have never been able to pull off a vaginal delivery without their fervent coaching everytime the doctor left the room.
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