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Tijuana Mamas?

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I am hopefully traveling to Tijuana for some dental work by a biological dentist. Any MDC mamas in that area?
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I live in Tijuana!

We live along the coast.

Can I help you with anything? Please feel free to pm me also.
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Wow mama! I am so glad to find you! My PM box is full at the moment, but I will try to clear it!

Could you ask around and find out who the best Biological dentist is? There are quite a few! I am looking into Dr. Lagos, he's my fave so far. http://www.biologicaldent.com/index.html

Some questions I have are: why is it so cheap to fly into SD but so expensive to fly into TJ?

Where would you recommend staying for a mellow, quiet place to stay? IDK yet if I will be coming with my whole family (DS and DH) or just DH. So that could change where we decide to stay. I have heard today that it is very dangerous there? But I don't believe it.
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I would be happy to ask my dentist about your q´s. he is not a biological dentist, but very helpful and well-connected.

As far as a place to stay, I will also think about this one and let you know.

Tijuana is an international city and as long as you come here with that mindset you´ll be fine. If you have travelled internationally before in cities then you know how to conduct yourself and I doubt that you´d have any problems.

Any other q´s I´ll try and answer
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I won't use Dr Lagos

Hello, my name is Dr Pugliese DC. I went to consult with Dr. Lagos in early December 2008 and made an appointment to have work done for mid January. Unfortunately, a couple of days after making the appointment there was a family tragedy that caused me to have to cancel my appointment. I contacted Dr. Lagos's office to inform him and ask about return of a $400 dollar cash deposit. Initially there was no response to 2 e-mails and one phone call placed over a 4 weeks period. I finally received an e-mail saying the money would be refunded. After 4 months I am still out the money. A couple of follow up calls and emails have not been returned so I have decided not to pursue the matter further. As a Chiropractor who has treated 13,000 patients over the length of his career I can say that I am just not comfortable having somebody work with something so important who doesn't have the integrity to keep their word. It doesn't make sense to lose $6,000-$10,000 of future business over $400 dollars. He may be a decent dentist but I am not willing to take that chance.
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