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Cleaning my floors

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I am going to buy a used Hoover Floormate for cheap (my whole house is covered in tile/linoleum - military homes : ) but it is supposed to be used with some special cleaner, and of course I don't want to put that in my home, let alone keep paying for it - so I was wondering if it was okay to put other homemade cleaning solutions in these things, and what you use to get your hard floors good and clean?
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I actually just took a break from using mine on my hardwood floors to come here and browse lol. I just use whatever cleaner I want. I think the reason they tell you it needs a specific cleaner is to make more money. For hardwoods, I use Murphy's Oil Soap or Dr. Bronners. For tile or lineoleum I use Dr. Bronner's too. It works great!

If the machine gets stinky (make sure you empty it each time you use it!) I put some vinegar and water in the top part and that seems to help. It also disinfects the floor too!
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I have had success with just using whatever cleaner I want, too.
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I’ve been wondering the same thing since I’ve had a few stop working shortly after purchasing. Having dogs, I can vacuum the ceramic tile w/my regular vacuum prior to cleaning the floor and I still end up pushing around dog hair. The Floormate really picks up anything left behind, in addition to the dirt.

My first one lasted years and I simply used hot water or sometimes vinegar in it. I may have ruined my second Floormate by using Bi-O-Kleen soy solvent in the water – it stopped working properly a few months after purchasing. My third Floormate stopped working in a couple of months too so I started thinking the machines were no good. I recently bought a fourth hoping it would last years like my first one. So far, so good…but I’ve used only hot water and occasionally a little TTO. It’s nice to know Dr. Bronners is fine.

I’ve never used it on the wood floors afraid it would damage them. After reading the pp I may try it on the wood.

I agree w/the pp who said make sure you empty and rinse all parts after each use. I leave them out to dry before putting it back together. I forgot to empty once…yuck!
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Club soda works well on linoleum.

I wouldn't recommend vinegar on tile, unless you can rinse it. Vinegar will (eventually) eat away at the grout.

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Before I got my steam mop, I used the Hoover Floormate and just used really hot water and a few drops of either lavender or lemon essential oils.
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Oh...so that's what happened to my grout!
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