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Pinhead Diapers

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I won one of these in an auction and got another one from Caryn.

These are the only one-size diapers I like the fit off. The rise folds away from baby, thus preventing all that bulk being smooshed against baby's belly. It also means the waist isn't as tight in chunkier babes like mine. They fit as trim as a one-size gets, which is really pretty trim.

I also like the hemp cotton terry she uses. It is soft and absorbent. The workmomship is excellent, but most of all her customer service is fabulous! She included a matching washie and doubler as a gift! Her emails were prompt, polite and friendly.

This is the best one-size diaper I have ever tried on my dd.
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I have a bunch of pinhead diapers and I just love them, I never thought I would find a diaper (one size) I liked as much as SOS, but I have now. Great diapers and Caryn is just the sweetest WAHM.
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I ordered one of these new about a month ago. I wanted to try it because I have heard such great things about them. I have to say it is very well made. The quality is fantastic. It is very abosrbant for day time and if I add a doubler its great for night time (my guy isn't that heavy of a wetter though). I love the fit of this diaper.
For cons like most diapers with internal soakers its not the fastest drying diaper. But thats the only thing I've noticed that are at a disadvantage for us.
I have ordered another one and will do more as I can.
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I have a Pinhead Bedhead diaper (the nighttime version of the Pinhead) and I LOVE it. We use it overnight and the outer fleece is just the slightest bit damp in the morning. It is so absorbant that you could almost use it as an AIO. It fits very well also, is super cute and well made. These diapers are my new favorites for overnight. I have been using Nighty Newts (which work awesome as well) and didn't think I would find anything as absorbant as them, but I think I have! I am hoping to be able to purchase more soon!
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these are my fave OS dipes! we have almost all fleece-lined pinheads which are great for naps (and BF poops!) they are easy to use too - no confusing snap downs to mess with. and very cool prints. the WAHM is nice and was very accomodating when i made a small special request.
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I second everything positve that has been stated above.
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