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Oh I so identify with this thread! I'm also a much better mom, with more crafty projects, happier children & a cleaner house when my screen time (both computer & I'll admit it -TV) is limited. I think the winter is extra hard (at least for this new england mama). That being said, I wanted to share a story about my DS -

We're at the fabric store looking at batik fabrics. I always let DS1 pick out a 1/4 yard or so of fabric for whatever project he's working on, this time he picks out this fabric with all these little checks. "It's for a keyboard!" he tells me Once home, we take a piece of cardboard, fold it in half. We glue a piece of the 'keyboard' fabric on one half (complete with a small rectangular piece of ribbon for the space bar), on the other half we staple a clear plastic envelope. Now, when DS1 wants to work on his computer, he unfolds the cardboard & puts various pictures or drawings in the plastic envelope to show what he's working on & 'types' away!

(Also had to share - DH just walked in & said "wow, you're still on line?" I told him I was writing on a forum about spending too much time on the computer. We both just had to laugh :.)
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Add me to this list. I am making an effort (read - 'this is what I want, but DS does see me sitting on the computer while he plays') to use the computer when DS is sleeping or when DH is at home. I know that it is a quick fix for me, as I love the high of getting more and new information on my pet topics. I think it also gives me an outlet for my 'other side' other than being a mum who keeps the house tidy/clean and DS healthy and happy. I am SAH and being on the computer is my one way to keep myself informed and to essentially discuss what is on my mind.

That I also have IL family around me actively trying to undermine my choices, makes it all the more important for me to connect with other mums who share similar values.

Having said all that, I do not like that I get impatient with DS to have his rest as I need my computer time - or that I try to finish something on the computer when DS needs me. I do not like that he sees me on the computer (all that good stuff about learning from imitation and me not being a good model of anything on the computer). I do not like how time disappears when I am on the computer. I cannot shrug the feeling that this virtual world is only a fantasy and the discussion and support a figment of my imagination. I long for the real thing.

Realistically this is what I have now. And I am very grateful for it. As spring approaches and DS is more and more active (1 year old now), I hope that it will be easier to keep ourselves busy out in the garden and that he will be able to be part of food preparation in his way.... and maybe we will even find playmates who are looking for an alternative play environment. :

What a great thread, and some really wonderful ideas.
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Well, I've been mostly lurking on this thread, but nodding my head a lot...

I am planning an internet fast for Lent. No more `instant information gratification'.

I do have to go online a little for work/school purposes, but 3-4 hours a day is too much, whether my kids are seeing me do it or not

And I actually have computer work to do that I procrastinate over because I am surfing too much. I could write some emails offline and send them on Sunday....

So I am going to disable my modem except on Sundays. I may check email on Wednesdays from the library, or not.

Ash Wednesday is conveniently the day after tomorrow. And by the time Easter rolls around, the weather will be better and I'll be into gardening, anyway and outside a LOT more.
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Ok, I put it in a signature. It's official now!
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Originally Posted by Aubergine68 View Post
Ok, I put it in a signature. It's official now!
: Good luck and good for you!
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I try to limit my computer time, but I do pop on constantly to check email. I am kinda sad, though. With all of you fasting, the waldorf forum is even slower, lol. How's that for selfish?
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Originally Posted by Aubergine68 View Post
Ok, I put it in a signature. It's official now!
ok i am officially (cleared my email, added it to vacation response, tied up responsibilities) taking an internet fast too.

peace to you all and may you find more time to spend with those who love you and less online. 'tis a challenge....but i am sort of excited about the possibilities!
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Originally Posted by ktarsha View Post
You're definitely not alone, but unfortunately I don't have any tips. I have really good intentions that I will confine my computer time to naptime and maybe half an hour or so in the evening when my husband is home. That I will spend more time doing housework and hobbies and paying attention to my son. Because I've found, more often than not, I'm a lot happier when I don't fritter my day away online, and I don't want my son thinking the computer is more important to me than he is. Yet here I sit, on the computer, while he entertains himself nearby. I don't think I can cut it out entirely, because I use the computer for paying bills/updating Quicken, and my sisters and I communicate primarily by e-mail. But I intend to see how it goes if I restrict myself to getting on maybe every other day, or for a brief, set time each day (like 2 to 2:30 p.m., for example).
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