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cravings or aversions anyone?

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I'm not overly nauseous this time, just a random bit here and there, so I've had some major cravings, and even worse aversions. I normally LOVE coffee, but the smell of it the other day had me pouring the whole pot down the drain! And salt- I normally hate anything with salt, but this time I need it!

So tell me, what are you craving, and what has you running for the toilet?
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I'm finding that I feel nauseous all the time and eating just about anything makes me actually sick. Eating makes it so much worse. And no, it doesn't matter how frequently/infrequently, portion size, etc. No protein doesn't make a difference; it also actually makes it worse. I'm also an ethical vegetarian, and am tired of hearing how 'if I just had a little _________ I'd feel better.' Um, no. Just the thought... :Puke

I am trying to eat whatever sounds good, but that's not much. Heavily salted tomatoes is about it. Fresh fruit does pretty good. I am hungry right now, but NOTHING sounds good. Sooo, I wait. I'm at least doing better, energy wise though. I'm tired, but since I'm not quite as sick today, I've been doing a lot more with the kids!

ETA: Oh, yeah. They wanted to watch a cartoon and I was all for that. So I'm adding to the things that make me nauseous. Yo Gabba Gabba! Sigh.
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Everything sounds good to me (especially if it has salt)...and once I start eating, I can't seem to stop! Hoperfully this slows down or I will be gaining 5 lbs a week!
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Pretty much nothing sounds good to me and I tired and nauseous all the time.
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I have been just fine all around... except last night when I left my scentsy burner on and woke up a 2AM absolutely nauseated by the smell. I'm going to have to put that away for a few months...

I actually feel great, minus a little bit o fatigue. I really don't feel like I have the energy to work out, even though I promised myself I'd stay active this pregnancy...
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Well I am having a different pregnancy than with DD, I have much worse nausea and I have thrown up this time. I don't really think much sounds good except for salad. I did finally realize today that a fried tofu sandwich sounded really good, so I made them and it was. Tofu keeps sounding really good. Pizza sounds good(that is the same as DD we ate a lot of frozen pizza).

The aversions are weird, it's not really food but looks of things. I also find I feel soooooo much worse the sleep I have. If I take a nap I seem to feel better. I also have a gross sweet taste in my mouth if I eat sugar, so I'm not eating those cookies that my stepmom made us. Just thinking about them makes me get that sickeningly sweet taste in my mouth.

I second the coffee thing-I LOVE it and it is grossing me out right now. Hopefully I'll get through the next few weeks and feel better, at least I can hope.
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I wanted some coffee so bad this morning, but didn't make any. (Woo!) I did, however give in to a craving for popcorn, with real butter and salt, made in a pot on the stove.

My sweettooth seems to have fallen out. I'm a total sugar junky, but now I can hardly stand anything sweet.
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Oh, coffee makes me gag now, too. Even thinking about it... yuck.
I wish I could get my hands on some GOOD tomatoes right now (or any good produce, in fact). peacemj, those salted tomatoes sound heavenly.

In the very beginning (week 5) I craved anything sour. I drank buttermilk like it was going out of style. I ate (salted) lemons and limes like they were oranges, and I went crazy for those little "shockers" candies and sour patch kids. If grapefruits weren't $1.50 each I probably would have eaten nothing but grapefruit for a week. but I'm over the sour thing now. (It was bizarre!)

This week I've been reeling from nausea and general queasiness. I can't sleep without my sea bands. Nothing sounds good to me, but I'm usually hungry enough to eat whatever I end up with. I had chicken salad for lunch today and it was amazing, but about halfway through it suddenly tasted nasty and I couldn't even look at it anymore.

ISN'T IT WONDERFUL?! (I'm so happy to have pg symptoms because it means my LO is being sticky!)
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I luckily haven't really had anything in particular that I have an aversion from. Well, sweets I guess. We have this amazingly delicious ice cream in our freezer right now (honey ice cream with chopped hazelnuts and huckleberry swirl, made in celebration of Oregon's 150th birthday), but I just can't stand the thought of having any because it's sweet. It's been in there for over 2 weeks now. I had to beg and plead with DH not to eat the rest of it so that I can have it once I get over this sweet issue (it's a limited time ice cream too!). Hopefully I'll be able to eat it soon!! This weekend we were at a 50th birthday party and I had the worst time deciding where to hang out. If I hung out outside it was cold and wet, but if I hung out inside I had to smell the seafood stew that was made for the party. I almost lost it a few times which would have been bad since no one there knows yet! So far those are the only aversions I've had.
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I don't know if it's a craving exactly, but my new favorite snack is sliced apples with boursin cheese. How did I ever live without this?
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Cravings? Not yet.

But toothpaste makes my stomach turn over. Not sure how I'm going to work around that one!
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I'll second (or 3rd or 4th) the coffee aversion. I enjoy coffee so much- usually have one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Still drinking a small cup in the morning but it just isn't the same! I really should just cut it out because clearly my body is telling me No More Coffee! The other things is tht sweet things don't appeal to me at all, which is very different for me.

I DO crave chicken salad, just like the last time I was pregnant. In fact, before I got a positive test, I was daydreaming about chicken salad from my favorite sandwich shop and then I just knew!
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I'm starting to feel pregnant now. Mayonnaise is one of the most disgusting substances I can think of. I can barely stand to type this. The problem is, dd is obsessed with "chicken nuggets and nay-naise and honey." Yeah, the addition of honey to the plate isn't helping.

But, at the same time, I do have this little thrill every time I feel queasy. I'm sure in the next few weeks, I'll probably have times where I start to feel too good for too long, and then I'll be heading for the mayonnaise jar to try to provoke some nausea!
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Alright today I feel really good, I still feel like I am *slightly* hungover type feeling, but the last few days I felt like I wanted to die. I got a good amount of sleep which could be a reason for feeling better. I also ate a Tums at 3am when I had to wake up and pee. I actually have drank a very small cup of coffee and it tasted pretty good.

It's funny about the pp's about mayo, I had a veggie burger last night and had to have mayo and pickles. I am craving FAT. Sour cream, butter, whip cream anything really fattening. Nice. Dh's chicken fett sounds fabulous, I may make creamy chicken pesto pasta for dinner, yummmy...

My aversions seem to be non-existent today. I felt so bad the other day when I went to DH's gma's b-day-it was AWFUL-ugh. All my IL's were like you breezed through Nora's pregnancy. Like they are happy I felt awful. I hope that I will creep out of the feeling wretched because I can hardly deal at all.
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