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Originally Posted by doublyblessed View Post
i live in bend. it is high desert but there are areas that aren't juniper-ish, like where i live...ponderosa pine paradise! and there are huge snow topped mountains here so close you could just reach out and touch them from your house or wherever you are here. the weather is mostly sunny here, like 320 days per year...and its a mild climate even when it snows, which is nothing much unless you are atop the mtns... there is an unschooling group here...its small. and i'm sure there are more of us here that don't go to the group meet-ups... there are more snobby rich and pretentious types here than i can count...makes me miss marin county as there were those there too but sooo many more really cool alternative people there.

anyway, yeah. there are some cool peeps here but its a slow go...like i said there's lots of money here.

i personally don't care for too much rain ie. pdx or seattle. nor am i too fond of medford...ashland on the other hand is gorgeous. and because of that, like bend and marin, is very expensive to live in. sigh.

lots to do and see in bend area though...i would recommend it.
We're just looking to move maybe to Oregon and Bend has been on my mind... what would a 3 bedroom house rent for?
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We move around a LOT being a military family we have been places that I thought I would hate, like TX, and ended up LOVING.

We are now in NC and really like it but where we are the only US and HS for that matter is not that popular.

As far as resources/people/laws TX was the best.

For area/beauty/being outside

MA, NC and SC were pretty good.
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Originally Posted by Ahimsa View Post
I hope I get a chance to meet some of you Oregon moms.
Hey welcome! are you in town yet? I just had a baby and so wasn't keeping up with this thread very well! Hope to hear from you/meet you soon!
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Originally Posted by NamastePlatypus View Post
I would love to move back to St. Louis. SOOOO many nature centers there with cool stuff to do at them, alot of stuff to do for free or really cheap, museums, food, AWESOME houses....
I was just coming here to put a plug in for st louis....it is such a child friendly area with tons of resources, most for free. There are also a ton of state parks, nature trails, etc all around....heck, the countries
biggest rivers meet right here

Also, Missouri has very homeschool friendly laws. St Louis has a huge homeschooling population that runs from school at home to ru. In my AP playgroup, almost 1/2 of us, maybe a bit more, have decided to homeschool, with many leaning towards or acitvely unschooling.
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Is anybody unschooling in New Orleans?
I was reading a bit on a forum earlier and people were sooo negative. We sometimes play with the idea of moving there so would just love to see if anybody wants to share their experience. (also non-unschoolers
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I have lived in New Orleans, and I don't think it is family friendly at all. I moved away from there when I became pregnant with my 1st. It would be a fun place to visit, but I would never live there with a family.
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would love to chat with you more about the community of unschoolers in corvallis..im thinking of moving here after reading this comment stream!! my phone number is 8014491833~! Also mine and my daughters fb is Kaia Lou ..would love friend request from all you unschooling mamas!!!

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Kaia Lou Baylen i meant

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I'm actually thinking of moving to bend now!! 

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We just moved to Oregon and I'm LOVING IT! 

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we are most likely headed to bend mid-2013 :-))

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washington dc !!  if you live in the city limits then your homeschooling requirements are basically nothing and there is SO much to do and most of it is FREE

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I am also looking for a great place to finish unschooling my 14 year old. I am currently on a very fixed income of disability and some child support so a total of 1400.00 I can live very frugally. My big goal is just to get through the next 4 years of raising my last child ( already raised 4 ) so would like to find a reasonable and nice place to do that. Any suggestions ?  susan

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I have heard great things about parts of Mexico!

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