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In Casper - sorry missed that in the title.

Hi all. I know mothering.communes mommas are not usually the type,... But I am the money earner in the house. Hubby just doesn't have the work ethic which is OK, but he doesn't want to be a STAHD and has a full time job now that won't pay our bills. Plus I love my company and 40 families depend on my ownership of the company to feed their families. Anyway, I am looking for a babysitter 10am-6pm or so for my 1 year old daughter, Ariel, in Casper. The thing is it has been very hard for me to find a natural minded babysitter. I am also insistent that the babysitter and family are self-supporting (no welfare and/or govt assistance programs funding the household or daycare).
I pay $200/week.