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OB/CNM practices in Charlottesville?

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Looking to switch practices (from a rural community about 45 minutes out for Charlottesville). I heard there is one with CNMs that is very good and they have delivery rights at Martha Jefferson Hospital.

Any recommendations (or warnings) about OB/CNM practices in Charlottesville would be appreciated. Also any experiences at Martha Jefferson hospital (birthing wing). Thank you!
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I read your other post, just based on your description of the OB's you experienced it sounds like culpeper hospital. If it is not I am frightened that there is another that sounds just like it...

I am a homebirther but have had several friends go to martha jefferson for natural birth with a nurse-midwife and they were all very happy with their experiences. Two were "high risk" and went to Dr.Tiaraja (sp?) One found him bossy and impatient and the other loved him, I think it is a matter of how high risk you are. My regular low risk natural birthing mamas had great experiences with both midwives and the nurses- I know a few of the L&D nurses and they are a lovely bunch.

Everyone I know who went to UVA ended up with a C-section against their original intent, one refused to pay after reading her records and found that it wasn't necessary.

Hope this helps. If you want to interview someone who has immediate experience with certain midwives at martha j I can probably get one of my gals to talk with you. PM me if you want.

Good Luck!
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I think your chances are better at MJ than UVA. I wanted a natural birth and ended up with a c-section. The first two nurses I had were great. Then the third set were not so great. They scared me. I felt like they were in high school. And it was soon after they took over that I ended up needing a c-section. I know of so many woman who had better experiences at MJ. I wish you the best of luck!
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I´ve birthed four babes in four different locations (one being a free standing birth center). My best birth by far was at UVa. I was a PITA patient who wouldn´t let them do anything but I had a beautiful unmedicated birth that I treasure (it was my third). I gave birth to my fourth at MJ and it was fine. The MW I had doesn´t catch babies anymore and I would say she was the negative not the hospital.

To the best of my knowledge Donna VInal is the only CNM in town catching babies at this time. She works with Dr. Wolanski. I´ve only heard positives about both of them. Donna rarely has OB openings so I wouldn´t expect to get in with her. If by chance you get an appointment jump on it!

Birthmattersva.org is a fantastic resource. A great way to hear more about local birth experiences is to attend Birth Circle (more info. on the Birth Matters web site).
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I had wanted to go with Donna Vinal, but I called the day after I found out that I was pregnant and she was already booked. I've been told that if you want to use her for OB purposes, you need to start seeing her as a patient before you conceive. Since I couldn't get in with Donna, I went with Dr. Wolanski. He's great about listening to you and what you want for your birth. I also had great nurses at MJH.
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