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Heart palpitations?

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Anyone else feeling arrhythmia that just started with your pregnancy? For the past few days I have been getting little flutterflutterTHUD feelings about once a day when I'm just sitting and resting. I was about to make an appointment with my doctor, but of course I googled it first... I found out that it happens in about half of pregnant women because of the increased blood volume and workload for the heart, different hormones, etc.
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Yep, I've been getting them lately too; I assumed due to the increased blood volume, so glad to hear that's why!
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Yup, but I get them anyway.

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Yes, I got it late in my pregnancy with my first. It was called "throwing PVCs", PVC meaning "pre-ventricular contraction". If you have PVCs after an injury, it can be a bad sign, but in pregnancy it's often just the increased blood volume and the heart needing to work harder. My dr wasn't worried at all, but I did go running to L&D when it happened

For me it felt like a flutter in my chest, and it kind of caught my breath a little, like a mini gasp. When I felt my pulse, it was irregular with weird feeling pulses out of sequence. When I first felt it, I laid down to rest, and fell asleep. I woke up panicked that I had fallen asleep when I was meaning to monitor my heart and do kick counts, so I called my husband. He's an EMT and when he felt my pulse he said "let's go to the hospital now!" Of course he's trained that irregular heartbeat means trouble

Just take it easy, and mention it to your dr at your next appt. They might want an EKG on you just to be sure it's PVCs and to have it in your record so no one freaks out when you're in labor if you have them again
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I'm not in your DDC but I have this as well.

I actually have PVC's outside of pregnancy too. Now they come more often.

After you feel the flutter/thud, does your heart race? Mine does. I tend to have a resting heart rate of 100 after this occurs. I am going to mention it at my next OB appointment but I just wanted to see if the same thing happens to anyone else.

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Thanks everyone! I feel pretty confident that this is just a normal-for-pregnancy condition now. I'm having a UP/UC, so there's no one to worry about it now or during labor except me & DH.

Celia, I'll use our blood pressure cuff, which also measures my pulse rate, next time it happens so I can see if it's fast. I think it is but I've been paying more attention to the irregularity.
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omg I've totally been feeling this but didn't put 2 & 2 together until now. My heart is skipping all over the place. It seems to miss every 7th or 8th beat or spazz around that time.

This is NORMAL? (This is my first pregnancy. I have no idea about this stuff!!!)
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DDC crashing from July...

Couldn't help but respond- I noticed palps now and again in my first trimester, only like one at a time, but now that I'm almost 18w I'm getting "runs" more frequently (maybe a few days/week). When I say "run", its like a few irregular flutters or skipped beats for maybe 10-20 seconds. It scares the h*ll out of me, but as everyone else has said it is common in pg due to increased blood volume and a slight increased heart rate. My resting rate is now 70-80 and was 60-65 pre-pg.

Things I have noticed that seem to trigger palps: after heavy exercise, after big meals- especially when I am lounging, and gas . Usually a change of position helps me. My OB is not concerned and said they may get worse in the third tri. Yipee!

Hang in there mamas, our bodies are just coping with this crazy hormone ride! But its all worth it!
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i've only noticed it twice so far, but mine was more of a racy heart feeling. i forgot to mention it to my mw today, but i'm sure i'll remember to the doc i'm being referred to.

Originally Posted by 2boyzmama View Post
my husband. He's an EMT and when he felt my pulse he said "let's go to the hospital now!" Of course he's trained that irregular heartbeat means trouble

yeah, they're fun, huh? (my hub is an emt-i and a ff, lol)
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