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*sigh* I have cholestasis and will need to be induced. - Page 2

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I was a bedrest support person for a mom of twins who had cholestasis as well. They delivered her at about 36 weeks. Babies were fine - a very very short nicu stay and went home happily with everyone healthy (and no medicine side effects). My twins were born at 35 weeks and only one of them went to the nicu due to low birth weight (3# 15 oz). But they both were breathing, sucking and healthy. Personally, I wouldn't worry about the meds as there are times when it is necessary for medical intervention to help have a healthy baby and mommy. Disappointing though, I'm sure.
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This is the advice I've given my client who is due to be induced at 36 weeks for the same thing:

-She's going to get Cervidil and then go back home to sleep. They may try this for several days.
-I suggested she run Evening Primrose oil by the cervix by her midwife to try to soften cervix before Cervidil
-Get in a good breakfast in he morning before pit is started
-Start the pitocin low and up it slowly, every 30-60 mins instead of every 15
-We're going to put a sign over the pit machine saying "Wait! Please speak to me before you increase the dose!" and also her Mom is going to watch over it.
-Negotiate turning off pit once she gets to 5cm and her body kicks in, show midwife Lamaze research review if needed
-Possibly monitored intermittently (20 mins on monitor, 40 off) once pit is turned off if everything is going well
-Stay out of bed, on birthball, upright, etc.
-Ask for water-proof wireless monitoring belts so can get in shower
-Keep waters intact
-Get endorphins up: dim lights, music, light massage

Hope that helps.
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I had ICP in my last pregnancy and was induced just before week 38. I didn't know I had ICP earlier in my pregnancy, my doctor sent me to the hospital to be induced the day they got the test results back. They used prostaglandin gel and after a few tries my midwife was able to break my waters. I didn't need any pitocin and I had a great birth. I used hypnobabies and didn't need an epidural or other drugs.
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My ob thought I had cholestasis but it ended being PUPPPS-I was induced anyway. Did they do a bile salts test? That is the true indicator of cholestasis-not just a liver test.
My OB did NOT use pitocin (hates it in fact) so there are other options. I still had a natural birth (used hypnobabies)
I hate the fact that I was induced and it still bothers me, but you can still get close to a natural birth (ie induced but without pain meds)
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I honestly would just get a second opinion. not that your midwife is wrong... just to be double sure. If I ever get a serious diagnosis, I would want to be sure sure sure it was actually that before I made the decisions to be induced. of course I woudl consider induction if it turned out to be serious.
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I have NO advice about your diagnosis, but wanted to chime in as a person who went through a Pitocin labor without an epidural. I had one less than a full dose shot of Nubain to take the edge off because I was overwhelmed at 6 cm and stalled out a bit, and it worked like a charm (I could still feel the contractions, I just wasn't getting panicky over them...as i said, it just took the edge off) and 45 min after the shot I was complete. The key to me was being on a wheelie IV with intermittent monitoring so I was freely mobile to walk, rock, ball, hands/knees, whatever while laboring. It probably would not have been as uneventful if I was trapped in a bed. I went from IV in to complete in about 6-7 hours. It *can* be done. Not fun, but possible.

I hope to hear a positive update from you soon!
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wow this is a very interesting thread & has a lot more info than when I researched cholestasis when I was diagnosed at 37w in 2007! I am sorry you are dealing with this.

I had an "emergency induction". At the time, I read "stillbirth", my midwives said they recommended induction, & so I did it without any further thought. I will spare you the bloody details, but it was possibly as far from the natural birth I envisioned as possible. I did not have a c-section, but ended up with more than 40 sutures & had a very painful recovery. I possibly had every intervention except a c-section. My body.was.not.ready. and fought every step of the way. BUT- I have a beautiful, healthy, energetic 2 year old! I have a lot of negative feelings regarding my whole experience and many unanswered questions. To be honest though, I quickly forgot about it all & realized how little the birth process mattered in the scheme of my daughter's life. only now that I am thinking about #2 do I find myself researching this again to see if I can possibly avoid the whole mess!

I plan to research more:
dandelion root
milk thistle
low-fat, organic vegan diet

So at 30ish weeks, I think you have time for this stuff too. Maybe you can monitor your numbers over the next few weeks and see if a change in your diet makes a difference. you may ultimately choose to be induced, but you have to know that is ok too. The biggest lesson I took from this experience is how truly unpredictable & uncontrollable parenting really is. My little peanut started teaching me a few weeks early
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Sarah, I'd love to hear more about your experience with Cholestasis, and how you were able to have a homebirth. I'm 23 weeks pregnant (second pregnancy) and I'm really worried I can get cholestasis again. I don't want to go through the whole induction process this time, it was a bad experience and I was hoping to have a homebirth for the first time.

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