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Has anyone out there heard of Somato Respiratory Integration?
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What I do know makes me wish I could do it. I wonder if I could find anyone in Paris. What kinds of things about it would you like to discuss?
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More info...

I've learned about SRI through seeking Network Chiropractic care. It's a complementary therapy. Apparently it helps you achieve the process of "unlocking your spine and unlocking your energy".

I love the Network and have been able to achieve a deeper level of breathing and awareness in my everyday life. My chiropractor is hosting a seminar where DH and I will spend 4 hours getting to know about SRI.

I've tried a little on my own, but it's hard to have the discipline and patience to practice it. Especially since I've recently begun spending 20 minutes a day on the Nordic Track. I am at peace with letting my kids watch TV while I exercise, but if I go on to another 30 minutes of SRI -- it seems like too long a period of separation from my two DS's (ages 5 & 2, almost 6 & 3).

I'm excited about the prospect of better understanding SRI and seeing if it's going to be a useful tool for me to use on my path. My understand of it now is that it is a way for you to get in touch with the rhythms of your bodymind. What is the rhythm of suffering and helplessness? Beginning exercises with declarations such as "This is never going to end." "No one can help me." bring us into the moment.

I love that SRI could be a tool I use to connect the parts of me that haven't talked to each other in years. The beauty, too, is that I don't have to analzye or understand...only connect with the rhythm of it.

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