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My 3rd UC baby is here

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I've only made a couple of posts here, but I read the board frequently, and just wanted to announce that my third UC baby, Eliot, was born on February 8 (at 42 weeks) and is happy, healthy, and nursing really well.

My first dd was born in a hospital after 31 hours of induction and quite a few very scary errors on the hospital's part. The next two babies were very private UC births in the middle of the night with very short labors. This time, I had such a lovely community of supportive friends offering to come keep me company during labor that I'd started lamenting my fast, easy, middle-of-the-night labors.

I ended up getting my wish as I went into labor in the early hours of the morning and he was born mid-afternoon. I called a few friends to come over and hang out while I labored in the tub, and I can't describe how wonderful it was this time to labor with the sound of all of our kids laughing and playing in the background. It also worked out nicely because my friends and my parents fed and looked after the kids while my partner and I could just focus on my labor.

Transition lasted almost an hour this time. I'm quite sure it would have been much shorter, but I've never labored in the tub before and the water felt so good that I just didn't want to get out, even as things intensified. When I finally did get out of the water, it was only three contractions before he was born into my hands on our bed. The cord was wrapped loosely around his neck and shoulders, but it was easy to unwind (and possibly the longest cord I'd ever seen).

Afterward, a friend's older daughter brought me a plate of fruit and juice and everyone cleaned up the bathroom for me while I got to hang out in bed with my baby, SO, and my older daughters (my son was put off by the smells and didn't come in to see the baby for a while). As much as I loved my other two very private UCs, this birth felt like it was absolutely everything I wanted for this baby, who is possibly my last.
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beautiful thnks for sharing xx
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Congratulations!!! Welcome baby!! :
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How wonderful! I am so happy for you and your family!
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Congratulations, mama!!
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: That is wonderful news! :

Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congratulations : and welcome to sweet Eliot. Enjoy your baby moon, mama!
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Welcome Earthside, little one.
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Congratulations!! It sounds like a beautiful birth. I love the name Eliot!
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Congratulations! Welcome baby! My UC baby boy was born two years ago on February 8th.
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Congrats! Sounds like a lovely birth! Enjoy your babymoon! It is actually easier having babies around when you have older children to help do things! May you have at least one or two more!
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sounds like it went absolutely wonderfully for you. congrats both on a birth you are comfy with and the babe!
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what a wonderful and awesome story! congrats!
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Congrats! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Sounds so wonderful.

I had the same experience too, laboring in water for hours and as soon as I got out baby was born in minutes.
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That sounds like a wonderful birth! Congrats ::
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you inspire me!

Congrats to you and your family!
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