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Originally Posted by lil_stinkyfeet View Post
Good I am glad you got rid of them! Now if I could only convince my dh to get rid of that nasty body spray I would be set too!
I had to ask my DH to use a different facial soap, and he gladly complied. So far, he hasn't complained about anything. Amazing.

evenstarlight: That is how I was feeling too. Starving, but then sick after everything I ate. What a cruel, cruel joke. I especially get really sick if I eat too much, just like you said. My sickness gets especially extreme after 3PM or so, and I can pretty much only eat a popsicle after that, so I try to eat as healthily and as often as I can before that--and I pretty much have to choke whatever it is down. Now I have a prescription for an anti-nausea med, so hopefully that will be changing soon. It's funny, I would have prayed for a decreased appetite in the hopes of loosing weight before getting pregnant. Maybe this is my payback for not loving my body the way it is, or something.

Finally, about the carbs. I was reading on a website about extreme nausea and vomiting, that eating carbs, fruits, and veggies is usually the best thing for an upset stomach (remember the BRAT diet?). But I think it's true that if you can squeeze some protein and healthy fats in there too, you will not have to eat as often and won't have the sugar spike, like the pp said.

I hope we will all be out of the woods on this very soon. Trying to stay positive about it, though, has been very hard for me. It's so demoralizing to feel sick day after day after day. At a couple of points, I've been ready to throw in the towel. I keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it once I am holding my little baby.
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Oh yeah! To me, nothing sounds or tastes good either... but I think I figured this out!
I have been on this noodle fest, and that was just not working really. Protein!! Eat foods that are high in protein, beans, nuts & nut butters, hummus, etc. I stocked up on those Boca chick'n patties and some beans, etc. (I'm veg, so meat is always unappealing) And it is working big time! I still have to eat OFTEN!! Like every hour or two max! But since I can't stand to cook real food, I'm resorting to the not so healthy but good protein foods like the Boca Chick'n patties and veggie burgers (not always the healthiest choice, but it's quick and easy). Also!! I just talked to my dear sweet kind midwife (can you tell that I really like her?), and she confirmed the protein thing and said that protein doesn't spike your blood sugar levels, and will help even out the nauseous feeling, especially if you eat in regular intervals. Also!! (sorry for the long post) she said to be sure to drink lots of water as it helps cleanse your overworked (due to pregnancy) liver. And if you can add a wedge of fresh lemon to your water that will help clean the accumulation of hormones from your liver and will help you to feel good. So, I'm excited about that. I don't feel 100% and still feel icky, but at least I'm not having to stay in the horizontal position. I actually cleaned the house and mopped today!! YAY! Shew!! I'm ready for a nap though.... :yawning:
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Fake meat probably is not so good, especially the GMO soy stuff. Green veggies, if eaten in quanity, are actually pretty high in protein. As is spirulina. A good greens powder in a smoothie can be a good way to get protein.

I think if you're craving meat, even if you're a vegetarian, you might want to listen to your body and find the most humanely raised meat you can and eat a tiny bit. You might need something in it, like zinc (zinc deficiency is quite common in pregnant women, and it's hard to find zinc in plant foods without a lot of copper, which competes with zinc). Pumpkin seeds have a lot of zinc in them, but they also have copper in them.
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I am most definitely NOT craving meat, just quick protein. They don't use GMO soy btw.
I do like the spirulina suggestion, and am eating loads of veggies and fruits.
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Cinnamongrl, I've been feeling the same way. I'm vegan, and determined to stay with it through pregnancy, but my body is definitely wanting something other than the carbs I've been loading up on.

What has really been helping me over the last few days is sipping an Odwalla soy protein drink throughout the day. They are high calorie (380 for the whole bottle), but very high in protein and also B vitamins. They definitely help to stabilize my blood sugar levels, keep me from feeling too nauseous, etc.
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I do traditional foods, a la Weston Price. I know I am just repeating what has already been said, but I have to eat small amounts all day, before I get too hungry. I have had pregnancies where I loaded up more on carbs, becuase they sounded better, but it just doesn't work in the long run for me. Protein Protein Protein!

Things I eat every day-

Start with yogurt, whole milk, plain, with a little Super Seed (this is awesome stuff, check it out. It's whole food, a bunch of sprouted grains, seeds, probiotic, cinnamon and a little stevia. Gluten free, allergen free. it is so great.)
I do drink a latte with raw milk. I probably wouldn't have to manage the ms as much if I didn't but its ok right now and I love my latte.
2 fried eggs in butter or lard

then later

cheese, almonds, and 1/2 an apple

leftovers for lunch (usually meat or beans, vegetables and a grain, or a salad with boiled eggs, homemade oo vinegrette, a little cheese and meat)

afternoon, I drink a smoothie with milk, pb, frozen strawberries and banana, or I eat a scoop of peanut butter and a glass of milk.

Dinner is classic stuff, tacos, gf homemade pizza, pasta with meat sauce, grilled meats and salad, soups, etc.

I have to eat a snack before going to bed, usually a glass of milk and pb.
And I keep almonds by my bed.

Whew! This has REALLY helped this pregnancy, my ms is pretty well under control so far!
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BellaBabe - me too. Raw milk has been my saving grace. Also, I have to eat every hour, sometimes just a bite of food every few minutes. I forgot to pack my soft boiled egg this morning and I am so upset. It never failes to settle the stomach. Funny how my comfort foods have changed. Are you in the NewWAPHB yahoo group? I post under nrscase.
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