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just checked out your blog and started laughing about your Avocado 'pudding' - It's been a 'most used' recipe in our house since my big girl was just a baby....but we mix it with yogurt 1 banana, 1 avocado, 4oz yogurt and topped with Wheat germ or flaxseed - my kids LOVE it. We call it super yogurt!

and btw - your blog led me to your noted blog about the raw vegan diet and loved reading about that too - not that that's where we are, my kids have had their share of junk in their lives, but they have a LOT of raw foods on a daily basis. (like my dd's school lunch tomorrow - about 2c of fresh fruit salad (blackberries, blueberries, cantelope, banana, and strawberries), some organic crackers, organic cheese sticks and an organic juice box). And I can honestly say that although we go to restaurants and I occassionally ALLOW the girls to split an order of fries - they end up eating more broccolli and like 3 fries (they WANT to like them more than they really like them, yk?)

Anyways - thanks for some lovely reading material!
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i peeked at the blog to and can i just say i am drooling over your trailer???

we live in the city and have no place to store one but i want one so badly. i have wanted one for a very long time. do you have to have a truck to pull it?
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