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Confession thread-rant here!

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I saw this on another board (where I don't post!) and wanted to say some stuff so badly! So I"m going to start this thread...

I confess...that DS and I are sick and I pretty much spent the entire day on the internet and let DS play the wii. Although I did manage to make a quiche and some dinner but the kitchen looks like a bomb went off.

I confess...it really irks me when I'm trying to get something done (after holding baby for a LONG time) and he won't sit in his swing for a bit.

I confess...I love my moby wrap and baby loves it too, but usually I just don't want to be bothered with putting it on! I just want to do stuff without someone attached to me.

I confess...I'm supposed to get donations for DS's preschool's silent auction and I have TOTALLY dropped the ball. It's in a month and a half and I really DON"T want to solicit donations. I hate doing that crap.

Anyone else want to play?
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Good idea! I'm so full of mama-shame. I totally need to confess.

My carpet is a disaster. It needs to be vacuumed and there are spots where O has spitup and I haven't steam-cleaned them, and now I can't see them anymore, so I don't know where to steam!

And my whole house is covered in clutter. I've gotten rid of clothes and toys and books -- piles and piles of all three -- and I've still got clutter. Aaaaaa!

Odin is still crammed into three-month-size clothes even though he can barely wear them 'cause he's so fat. Poor baby. I'm too lazy to go to the consignment shop and get him some new stuff.

And I'm in charge of the Web site for Lydia's preschool, but I've been the most lazy Webmaster. I need to fix it, seriously. I feel completely inadequate to the job and my DH isn't much help because he works at Microsoft and has to be there nonstop because they let go a bunch of people on his team and he has to pick up the slack.

And I can't work because I don't have any childcare for Odin, so I have no. extra. money. Seriously, our monthly budget is so tight and it wouldn't be if I could just work a few hours, but I can't.

Also, my big kid, whom I ostensibly homeschool, is way behind where he would be academically if I weren't always nursing a baby/falling asleep in the middle of the day on the couch because I'm so sleep-deprived. He could be reading fluently now, but instead he's still struggling with long vowels.

I don't make enough vegetables. It's too much trouble to get to the grocery store with three kids, so I often just don't make anything green! I wish I could join a CSA, but, again, no extra money!

There's probably more, but I think I'll stop there. CPS is probably already on their way to my house.
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I think this is a great idea! Even if no one else reads it, it gets a lot of our chests.

I'll second the messy house! Being on bedrest, postpartum and then post-op since October...my house seems to have imploded. I'm very grateful for my girls' help and I admit I'm not gentle about saying "clean this up! clean this up!" anymore. I know they do a lot, but it's not the "way I would do it" But at the same time, I'm so overwhelmed, I don't know where to start!:

DH is no help lately and not at all understanding what I've gone through recently. He thinks - "you had the baby, you should be up and running, like you did the last time" and I just can't do it.

I haven't done our "normal" hs routine,either. Thankfully, my girls just sit down to do their own thing. DD1 got tired of me waiting and just grabs work books etc. The other girls definitely have watched WAY more tv than I'd prefer, but it's all dvds and they still love "Baby Einstein" and learning to sign along, so it's something.

I can't work since we have baby #4 and homeschool the older kids. Though DH wants to be a sahd for awhile - again, waits til I'm PP to hit me with "I'm going to quit my job so you have to get one" - it's not quite as nasty as that sounds, but feels like it. I know he is stressed from work, etc, too, but such WONDERFUL timing! :

Ok...there's my rant. We're still good moms, just tired and somewhat overwhelmed! to all
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1. I haven't used even one of the cloth diapers I have.

2. I'm sort of sad I can't take adult education classes or go to metaphysics meetups due to the fact that ds is still requiring lots of nursing (he hasn't had a bottle and will not until water or juice is incorporated... so it's gonna be awhile...... a long while).

3. I secretly think the pouty face ds makes right before he cries because something scared him is insanely cute. I'm sad he's scared but, it's so darn cute all at the same time.

4. sometimes I lay ds on a blanket on the floor (where he is very content and comfortable thank goodness) while ending up letting the dogs and cats lay all over me on the couch.

5. I've nursed while surfing the net a few times

6. my public BFing is still limited to the passenger seat of my car at the back of parking lots. I WILL NOT nurse within eyeshot of strangers. Creeps me out.

7. I've been eating mostly garbage for the daylight hours (with a healthy dinner) for the past 4 weeks knowing it's not the best recipt for breastmilk. However, I am starting a healthy, balanced diet TODAY!
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Originally Posted by FondestBianca View Post

5. I've nursed while surfing the net a few times
If this is bad then I'm not doing so well at mommying (nak )
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Originally Posted by em123 View Post
If this is bad then I'm not doing so well at mommying (nak )
Yeah, my nursing spot IS at the computer!
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Originally Posted by cody'smomma View Post
Yeah, my nursing spot IS at the computer!
: Me, too.
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me too

1. I am soo irrated by my olders kids lack of respect for me..aghhh

2. I glady let them take care of babe (they change cloth, carry, play and will even change poop)

3. I left babe with 3 older kids and sitter on V-Day ( I have been pupmping so i could attend the birth of a teen I was working with) and they gave her a bottle. I needed the time away

4. sometimes i feel like there are 4 leaches on me

5. there are times i wish i was not breastfeeding so i could crash diet and acctualy loose some weight......i am still at the same size as they day i had her..i have allways lost most by now....and i did not even gain any to begin with....

6. i have no cleaned the bathrooms in 5 weeks (the kids have but i have not really cleaned them)

7. (the rant)
why does my mom feel the need to call me and complain all the time about my sister and the way she is parenting when it is the same as me???? we do things them same (except the getting pregnant when 1st babe is 3months old) it is like i am suppose to call my sister and tell her even though i agree that he really does not need solid foods and he is waking because he is due for a growth spurt and it is normal....mom wants you to stuff him full of ceral so he will sleep better at night..... ahggg
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I confess...

1. I haven't written a single thank you note for the gifts people gave the baby and I feel guilty every day.

2. As far as I'm concerned pacifiers are a gift from God. Ds doesn't want to nurse to soothe but will take a paci- thank heaven!

3. Dh hasn't slept in the bedroom more than 3 times in the last 3 months because the baby and I 'make too much noise'.

4. I have very little sex drive.

5. I've lost it twice and gone in the bathroom to have a good scream and cry.

6. I might not want to have more children because of my body. Sex feels completely different and post partum my body just looks like a truck ran over it- not something I dealt with after my other pregnancies.

7. I'd give my right arm to be able to get to the gym but am not ready to let ds go to the daycare center.

8. I had no idea just how hard two kiddos would be with hubby working and going to school full time. I had it down with dd and thought I had ample time/patience/energy to cover another child easily.

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wow! this is me today, totally! i don't even know where to start, so i'm gonna say 'ditto to almost everything y'all said.' and i'm not even gonna feel guilty for that cop-out.

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Okay, I'm kinda embarrassed about this, but....

I confess that I have become a total germaphobe since DS was born because I am so terrified of him getting sick. I cover his carrier with a blanket whenever we are out in public and wash my hands so much they are cracking. I cringe at the thought of the germs DD could be bringing home from school (especially the nasty stomach bug that is going around) so I actually have her shower when she comes home (why did the doctor have to tell me the germs can stay alive on clothing for hours?!) and make her wash her hands before she touches him. If I see her wipe nose on her sleeve (can't seem to break that habit), I won't even let her hold him. I know some germs are good for building his immune system, but thinking about the rare complications if he gets sick completely terrifies me. I need to get a grip.
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For the person who said 'NAK' was a confession, honestly I consider that multitasking. There's not much else you can do during nursing, maybe TV, reading.


I ate WAY too many of those reeses peanut butter valentine's hearts and I'm completely to blame because I bought them on clearance after valentine's day. :

I was supposed to start weight watchers this week (doing it on my own at home), everyone got sick and I'm doing too much other stuff (and now I'm sick). :

The messy house, mine wasn't bad a couple of weeks ago, but now I'm starting a decluttering project that somehow is making things cluttered. DH is not happy about that. I just don't get big chunks at one time to do anything. Sigh.
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I just bawled my eyes out over something and the rational part of my brain knows it was stupid but I'm still really upset.

I still haven't finished my thank you cards and birth announcements.

I really want to eat a big bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce, cheese fries, and a milkshake right now. And were one available I would even though I'm trying to get back in shape.

A sort-of friend invited me to go for a walk with her. I told her I couldn't at the time but maybe later. I could have. And I have no intention of going later. I'm just not ready to deal with the drama/contention of saying no and being expected to justify my answer.
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I am a complete couch potato

I haven't finished sending birth announcements or thank yous either

I am frustrated when the baby won't sleep

I am really frustrated when big brother is noisy

I want to go out to dinner with my husband with NO kids but I'm just not quite ready to leave the baby that long yet with anyone else.

I have gained back 10 pounds of the 20 I lost while pregnant

I am tired of always needing to be there to nurse, but I also don't want to pump so I haven't introduced a bottle yet.

Sometimes I want everyone to leave me alone with the baby so I can make goo goo faces at him and watch him smile all day, and other times I feel like 24 hours without seeing either of my kids would be heaven.

Sometimes my older kid is driving me so nuts that boarding school (for a four year old) seems like a great idea, and other times I miss him so much I wish I could just snuggle him for hours.

I am really really really hating winter and : I am completely unreasonable about this and keep having tantrums about it.
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Originally Posted by avivaelona View Post

I am really really really hating winter and : I am completely unreasonable about this and keep having tantrums about it.
No you're not, this winter has been AWFUL!!! I'm in NH...I know how you feel!:

o yeah...a big : to everything else!
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