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Momo moms twins are here!!!!!!!! -UPDATED w/ birth story

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I'll post more details later, but the twins were born at 33 weeks, 5 days at exactly 7:30 pm within 20 seconds of each other. They weighed 4 lbs, 8 oz each and were 18 & 19 inches each. Birth was uneventful. While both breathed ok initailly the needed assistance and are in the NICU. I'll post full birth details soon and post pics to the blog soon.

Thank you all for your support!!!! I'm feeling awesome and so pleased to have them here.
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:::::::::: :::

well done you
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Congratulations : Looking forward to hearing more
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That is SOOOOOOO exciting! What great birth weights for that gestation-- you must be thrilled!
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Congratulations! That is incredibly wonderful news! I am glad their birth went smoothly and that everyone's doing well. I can't wait to hear their names!
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::elcome Earthside Sweet Babies!:::
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CONGRATULATIONS! ::::t reehugger:

Welcome to the world, babies! I am SO happy they arrived safely and you all are doing so well. Wishing you a speedy recovery and uneventful NICU time.

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YEA!!! Congratulations!! Welcome to the world, sweet babies!!! :
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: Congratulations!! I am so happy that they are healthy and wonderful. Go Mo Mo Mama!!!! :
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Congrats!! That is so great that they were so big that early. Congrats Momma! It must be so exciting to have not one, but two new babies!!!
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Congrats to all of you! What a great day you must have had. Can't wait to hear more! Til then, rest, recover, and love those babes!
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Congratulations, mama!
What amazing weights! You baked them well

Welcome, little babies!

I hope that the NICU stay will be uneventful, and that the entire family will be home as soon as possible.
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Congrats! How great that you held on for so long -- that's a long time for momo twins!

Welcome to the world, babies! :
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Go offline three days and this is what I miss! CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!
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congrats!! :
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Congratulations & welcome to the world babies!
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What a beautiful, happy way to end my day with that news! Blessings to you and your whole family. May you delight endlesslessy in these sweet babies......
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congratulations! so very glad to hear that they're here safe and sound.
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