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Thank you all for your well wishes. Things did go very smoothly and I'm now onto our next journey in the NICU. As everyone knows I was trying to get to 36 weeks, but the babies and my body had another plan.

Here is Miles and Owen's birth story:

The twins birthday started with contractions. I wasn't really feeling them, but I was feeling something different. This is the 2nd time I was having consistent contractions. The first time was earlier in the week and we were able to stop them. This time the contractions were spaced closer together. The doctor thought to check my cervix and see if the contractions were "productive." As it turns out, it was. I was 4cm dilated and completely effaced! Mind you these were contractions I wasn't feeling, but I was officially in labor.

Being that far along required immediate intervention to slow/stop the contractions so that I did not go into full fledged active labor. The potential for cord compression and complications increased if I went into active labor.

The nurses and doctor's began to prepare for the c-section. Remember all that anxiety I had about having a c-section? It was GONE...completely gone. Things went very smoothly. My favorite nurses were there in attendance and things weren't emergent, but were relaxed and steadily flowing.

The twins were born within the same minute (7:30pm), 20 seconds apart. They weighed the exact same grams, translating into 4 1/2 lbs and were 1 inch apart at 18 & 19 inches.

Being born at 33 weeks they are in the NICU. They are doing well, but it is definitely a roller coaster. I'm recovering, but it is hard. I've never had major surgery so this is a whole new experience for me and of course not being able to have them with me is very hard.

All and all, things could not have gone better. My body had enough and I went into labor. If I were not in the hospital I would have never known and things could have gotten much more complicated. Having had my contractions monitored we were able to do things in a controlled manor on my boy's and my body's time table, not an arbitrary date. There were no deccels, no babies in distress, but instead a very smooth process.

My nurses and the doctor's were phenomenal and I am so happy to have my babies here.

mom to Miles & Owen born 2/17/09 at 33 weeks, 5 days - weighing 4 lbs, 8 oz each
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That is such a positive story, and things went just the way they were meant to. Glad to hear it, and hope you recover quickly and get lots of time holding your boys!

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I cannot believe I forgot to add that I was able to see them being born!!!! I can't believe I didn't add that. The lower the curtain so I could watch each one being lifted. That was amazing. Not exactly the natural birth I was going for, but nice nonethless.
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am so happy that your boys are in good shape! I'm in my 23rd week right now and its kinda scary that my twins could be born 10 wks from now. *gulps* I hope the girls will be as fortunate as your babies if I were to go in labor during that time.
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Congratulations . I'm so glad that things went so smoothly. Here's hoping the next few weeks go even better and you recover quickly and your babes do fabulous in the NICU.
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Congratulations!!!!! ::
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remember the nicu/preemie thread for support too:


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wonderful news!!!! thank you for sharing your story.
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Wow! 30 seconds apart? That was a fast-workin' OB. Sounds like you were in skilled hands.

I'm glad the worries melted away when it was time. I'm sure it was hard to accept that at first, but you have really faced it head-on over the last few months. What a strong mama!
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How wonderful

: What great weights!!!
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Alright, I have to ask.......were they tangled? I'm just dying to know (I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It's the midwife in me! )
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Not a mom of multiples, but have been following your story as a birth professional.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I can't wait to hear that they are home with you safe and sound.
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I wanted to give everyone a quick update to let you know that Twin A (Miles) came home earlier this week. It is really bittersweet to have one home and one in the NICU, but we are beside ourselves thrilled.

Miles is breastfeeding like a champ! He is at 6lbs, just above his brother. I think my their due date they will weight slightly less than their older brother when he was born. Owen is also breastfeeding well, but I can't get to the hospital as often now with his brother home, so he is mainly receiving bottles from either the nurses or my husband. I do try to nurse him at least once or twice a day.

We are transitioning well with one home. My oldest DS is in love (as we all are) and the routine is pretty much the same, with just a little less sleep.

Again, I cannot tell everyone how much I appreciate all of your kind words and support throughout the pregnancy. I'll be here offering the same support and still seeking answers.

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Originally Posted by Intertwined View Post
Alright, I have to ask.......were they tangled? I'm just dying to know (I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It's the midwife in me! )

Sorry. I just saw your post. Yes their chords were tangled. Here is a pic of their chords. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_KtAcsfp4QW...h/IMG_0307.jpg

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