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December 2004 mamas ~ Spring is coming!

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Ladies, I thought I'd start a new thread. The other one was getting back to page 3 or 4.

We are : celebrating the birth of Aurora Lily to Past_VNE! Hope all is going well for your family.

Changed, did you ever post any pictures of your new baby? I don't even think I know his name yet. (Unless of course you're not telling.) Hope all is going well at your house also!

Nannymom, thinking of you! Have you made the big move back to Asheville yet?

Rozzie'sma, Sadiesmom, kazmir, Lula'sMom -- it was good to hear from you! I know everyone is busy with so many changes in life.

Mine has been more steady, finally... No new babies, not moving... It's nice but kind of weird at times. We are starting to get Isaac used to his bed, in a different room, and while I am soooo glad to have our bed back to ourselves (at least at the beginning of the evening -- he always ends up back with us), that first night when I could actually lay there, with the light on and read a book ALONE, was kind of bittersweet. While I hated having his feet/head/knee/elbow up my rear all night, I do kind of miss scooting up next to him and just watching him sleep. : I think this must be what it feels like to know it's your last baby.
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Thanks Jenelle for keeping the conversation going. I would hate to completely lose track of everyone.

Congratulations Jaclyn! Aurora is beautiful. I'm so happy for you guys. btw, Jett looks a lot like Wyatt, Rainy's little guy, these days.

Well we have been super busy. Finally managed to buy a house in Long Beach, and have been doing a lot of work on it. Well dh has been doing a lot of work on it, I can't do much with 2 kids in tow, at least not until we move in. We're having the floors refinished and new linoleum installed in kitchen and bath before we move our things in. So house stuff and the pending move have taken up most of my attention these days. I'll post some pictures when I get a chance.

Speaking of, here are the last pictures I managed to upload to Kodak...


they're from Nov/Dec , but I haven't gotten around to the newest pictures yet.

Kids are kicking my butt lately. Z is the polar opposite of his sister. He's really active, into everything and trying to stand/cruise already. And he's just so big and strong at 25 lbs, it takes a lot to wrestle him into a diaper. Sadie didn't even crawl until she was a year old, so this is new to me. I spend most of the day trying to limit the inevitable head bonks and save him from choking hazards left in his path by Sadie. Who, by the way, is a handful in a totally different way. Oh the drama! She's been better the last couple of days, and I'm secretly hoping that this uber clingy to mama phase is waning. But with dh spending all his time working on the house, I don't get much of a break. I'm a little by the end of the day.

glad to hear about everyone! Love to all.
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Charlynn, your family is gorgeous. All of you. As always. Thanks for sharing!

Buying a house in Long Beach... That just sounds so fancy to me! Nothing but flat, dead-looking, "corn country" here.
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Awww, that picture is adorable! And nope, I think I've only seen you call him "B". I think Bowen is such a cool name.
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Thanks! I try not to use their names on such a huge public forum I guess. Probably doesn't matter.
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Originally Posted by Changed View Post
Thanks! I try not to use their names on such a huge public forum I guess. Probably doesn't matter.
Nope, I'm with you these days... More cautious. Feel free to edit and thanks for sharing!
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Awwwwww Aurora and Bowen are both sooooo precious.

I am going to be an aunt again, my sister is expecting her third in early October.I think it's another girl, I have a way of knowing for some reason.

Naking right now be back later
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Really cute babies ladies:
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Thanks, Mamas!! We're so in love! DS is so incredibly sweet with her, and very loving. He can't stand to hear her fuss, "Mama, she needs you WIGHT NOW!!!" She's an incredibly easy babe comparatively. She's not fond of the car and has a fussy period each night, but otherwise is so easy going. Oh, and she just reminded me....she's a vomiter like DS was.

I'm finding myself increasingly frustrated by DS's antics and intensity. He's such a kind, sweet boy, but is soooo intense and defiant. I adore his empathy and lovingness and good will, but acckkkkkk, the yelling, running, roughness is just too much for me sometimes. I can't ever get him to chill out unless he's just calm of his own volition. Right now, he's on a kick where he talks and sings nonsense with a lot of spit to spare. It's gross. I try to ignore it most of the time, because I get the impression that he is doing some sort of learning through it.

There's not much other news around here. Oh, one last thing...I'm spending my time the last few days dealing with breastfeeding coalitions, dept. of health, etc. because Marshalls told me to go nurse in the bathroom. No chance of that!
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Jaclyn, I saw your post about Marshalls... Good for you for not going to the bathroom! I have NEVER been able to understand the idea of feeding your child in a public restroom. I nursed all three of mine, and managed to do it without ever resorting to the bathroom. I personally did not want to draw any attention to myself, and was always careful about covering up, but if I had to, I went to the CAR. Never the bathroom! Ugh.

Not a whole lot new here. Eli is still really enjoying preschool. He loves the crafts, field trips, loves to come home and sing the songs he learns, etc. They do not have a bit of trouble with him.

At home, on the other hand... Eh, we have our bad days and our okay days. He really got the short end of the stick, not only being the middle child, but also he and Isaac are only exactly two years apart. I never would have planned that spacing. So it is hard for me to find a balance between being understanding of his moods and needs, but also trying to keep order around here and not just let him be nasty to everyone.

Fun times!
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Oh that stinks about Marshalls. Rozzie is the more spirited of my two kids although Zann is entering his terrible twos but honestly Roz had more behaviour issues at 6 months than Z has now. It has slowed a bit since she entered school. She is a very emotional child, and if things are not just so she melts down.

We have been looking for places, it's hard because we want to move to a safer neighborhood and gabe has a dog. We're trying to hold out til May or until we find the perfect place. Roz gets so upset now over living here because my niece and nephew are rotten to her. Esp the nephew, I have been catching him pushing her, sis does not stop it, it's just a bad situation all around.
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I try not to come to this thread to complain about Iris' behavior because I don't want to seem negative all the time but yesterday tested me to the limit. I'll keep it brief anf any advice or thoughts would be greatfuly apreciated.

1)constant asking for food as a way to get me to stop what I am doing and perform tasks for her. It happens anytime I am involved with a non Iris realted activity. It doesn't matter if she has just finished a meal she will come to me and tell me she is hungry. We live with my sister and it doesn't go unoticed how many snacks she consumes. I don't want to say no to her about food but as we have tried snack trays, timers, saying yes all the time, etc. I beleive it is about making work for her.

2)When asked to perform simple tasks like put your shoes on or clean up your blocks she says "no". Just like that "no". When I press the issues she becomes furious yelling and ranting and since I don't think she should be allowed to yell in the center of the house I calmly take her to her room and on the way she squeezes me, scratches me, and pinches me. I find it very hard to remain calm when she is injuring me. It makes me really mad and I feel like we are totally out of control.

TIA ladies
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nannymom, I am dealing with my 3 but I will be back later.
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Oh man. That is tough! Love and logic maybe? That's enough to make me want to slap someone.... I remind and congratulate myself everyday because I *don't*. I wish I had some great advice. I finally took DD to a therapist that told her if she hit me again, she's have her put in foster care as being a danger to me and the other kids. She's since given up hitting me but it was a road to hell getting to that point.
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Sorry, nannymom, I meant to get back here last night when I had quiet time to respond. Not like I have a magical answer or anything... But I cannot think about anything too in-depth when I have kids all around me, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" No really. "Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? MOM. EE!"

Just wanted to pop back in and say, I'm thinking of ya!
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Rozzie does that too. I put her on her bed and let her get it out of her system, and they I take her and we clean up the blocks. Upon the second asking if the toy is not put up she looses the toy for a week. This repeats until the toys are either cleaned up or all sacked up in the basement. I have also started to let her earn an allowance. If she cleans her room twice per week, and I mean everything in the drawers or on the shelf than she gets fifty cents. She loves it. She is saving her money for one of those keychain barbies.

As far as the hitting I restrain her arms in mine until I get her to the bed and hold her face away so she does not bite me. Then after she is calm we talk about how we need to have respect for each other, that means NO hitting anybody. It takes a bit but she but she is learning.
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Oh and Rozzie starts Tball in May, in a mommy and me league, I am awful at ball so this should be fun.
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