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Good to hear from you, KoalaMommy, and see pics of the kids! (And the chicks of course. )

Rozzie'sma -- congratulations on the new house! We have owned two houses that we had to do A LOT of work on (well, it felt like a lot to us, lol). I have NO desire to move again any time soon! But have fun.

Past, hope poor Jett is feeling better!

Nannymom, how are you doing? I know, you've probably found your due date club and are abandoning us like so many others have... Sigh...

Just kidding. Hope you continue to pop in here, too!

We have officially made the decision to homeschool our oldest for next year. He has been in public school for three years now (including starting out in FULL DAY kindergarten -- ugh), and it is time for a change for all of us. So, I haven't been around much... When I am, I am lurking over on the Learning at Home and Beyond forum. But even there, I don't spend much time, because they are "veterans" and I have no clue what they are talking about most of the time. It's okay though, I am not overwhelmed with the idea, I feel relieved and excited.

Are any of you homeschooling?
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Jenelle- Thanks for asking how I'm doing. The all day "morning sickneess" has set in and with that seems to come some intense emotions so I'm having a lot of ups and downs. I have had to remind myself that even though it lasted for more than 12 weeks with Iris it does go away eventually.

We told Iris today. I worry that it may have been a little soon but Dh felt overwhelmed with the urge to tell her so we did. She didn't beleive us at first but then talked to my belly and gave it lots of kisses: It was very cute. Once I explained how long it will take for the baby to grow I think it went right out of her mind which is fine with me because I don't want her worrying about the changes she faces.
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Iris will take them in stride. I know from being on the starting end of it that you think there is just no way she will be able to share mommy. the cosleep situation scared me, I was tandeming, and then Bam Zann was sick. But Rozzie is higher needs too and although there were and sometimes are rough patches, it all works out.

So half of the heinous wallpaper in my kitchen is stripped out! I am loving fixing it up. We are very broke but have been able to find some great salvage yards to pic things up at. I am excited, I think the only thing we are going new on is the tile for the hearth because I really want this rainbow looking slate.

And in BIG news, today Zann goes to the cardiologist so keep your fingers crossed. I always feel half sick on cardiologist days. It's almost like my whole world is teetering between ok and being engulfed in the flames of hell again. Just a few more hours now and I will be able to breathe.
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Oh and i LURVE the pic of Aurora from Easter with the sideways grin. Too Cute!
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Originally Posted by rozzie'sma View Post
And in BIG news, today Zann goes to the cardiologist so keep your fingers crossed. I always feel half sick on cardiologist days. It's almost like my whole world is teetering between ok and being engulfed in the flames of hell again. Just a few more hours now and I will be able to breathe.
Thinking of you, mama.
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Well not the greatest but not the worst news. His heart is still getting worse but at a slower rate. He is forming scar tissue at the VSD repair site. So we are waiting another six months to see if the tissue continues to grow and obstruct the blood flow. Overall the doctor thinks Zann will definatley need at least one more open heart but we are trying to put it off as long as possible and so far the left ventricle is coping with stress well. At least I get six more months of normalcy.
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Oh, LOVE those chickies, KM. Sooo sweet. I'm getting a huge incubator tomorrow or the next day, if it's as described. It's cool, 70 yrs old, wooden and works great! I butchered four roos last night, kept one intentionally live to take care of the ladies and also had one wiley Easter Egger roo evade my attempts to catch him. So, I still have one left to butcher.

I'm so sorry to hear Zann's news, I wish it was all straight good news. Lots of , S. I hope the surgery goes well and does him lots off good!! The new house is awesome. It looks like you can really make it pretty with a minimum of effort.

nannymom, I hope your MS is very short lived this time. Maybe it will go away sooner!! With Jett, mine was short lived, but it never fully went away with Aurora. So many variations!!

Gotta run, Grampy's here!
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I am really hoping my m/s will be short lived this time. It has been a lot worse this time than with Iris (and with Iris it was bad and lasted for about 15 weeks). I have felt really debilitated and depressed by how sick I am. We are going to Disney in 15 days and I want to cry about being there in this condition. My mom is taking my sister and her kids and us. Brian won't be with me and I just frankly wish I could cancel but there is no way. I have heard stories of woman who's m/s went away on vactaion and I keep praying that will happen to me.
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nannymom, sorry to hear you are feeling so bad! Hope the vacation works like you think it will... Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Jenelle View Post
nannymom, sorry to hear you are feeling so bad! Hope the vacation works like you think it will... Good luck.
My sentiments exactly!

Hope you feel better for your trip and that it stays that way when you return!!
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Jenelle- I'm thinking about HS'ing Emma this year. She'll be in 4th grade. She's just got so many behavioral problems... she's on a few meds and things are getting worse again. I want change and this is the only thing I can think of that might work. Taking her out of school and off all meds to get back to a baseline. She's been medicated since she was 5? If they're working gods help us when we drop them because we're pretty much all miserable.

Order the free catalog from Rainbow Resources. Gets you all excited!

Besides all of that stuff... middle school is just that age I worry about in public school. Just enough rope to hang yourself yk?

Cole is great. Still the sweetest little person ever. I tell you what, on days like today I am so thankful for him. He gives me so much hope that the baby will be easy and sweet and enjoyable. Lately he talks about Meg alot. It's sad and hard.... he still doesn't get it.

Anyway, It's been a hard day and i'm a mess. bbl
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Changed, sorry you are having a rough day.

I don't know what type of behavior challenges you are dealing with. Just want to share that DAIRY makes my oldest son NUTS. We have also found that the Claritin (or basically any allergy meds) affects his mood. We deal with a completely different child when I have him off of dairy and any meds. Also certain fruits. GRAPES make him nuts. I am beginning to question APPLES. Ugh... It has been a long road. He can be a great kid, he is so caring and compassionate. But it is like dealing with a totally different child sometimes. Seriously, like there are two of him.

I am confident (after being down that road myself) that at least part of it is Candida. I have yet to put him on that strict of a diet, though, and as you know, that will be difficult to do to a child. I have been gradually making choices for the entire family, though, headed in that direction. Absolutely impossible to do with him, though, when they are handing him candy left and right at school. :

His grades are straight A's. No issues there. I don't even know what I said earlier in the thread, but I don't have time right now to get into all of the many reasons we have chosen to homeschool. I agree with what you have said though.

Eli is... Eli. There are two of him also!
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so glad to find you all here, still! I can't believe how checked out of mothering.com I've been ... I found facebook and that just ruined my life

So much to catch up on, and I hope to soon -- we are still in Iowa, have only just Wyatt (cannot believe he is nearly 4 1/2!), and having baby lust on a daily basis (luckily we alternate -- one day, dh will want a baby; the next day I will... if we ever get on the same page about it, Wyatt will have a sibling ....) lol.

glad to be back on mdc - and I look forward to getting back in touch over the next few weeks.

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Welcome back Rainy
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So with all the stress in my life I hit the welllllllll all snack food hard and my wedding dress just came and I can't get it to zip. I started the cto 5k and I am GONNA get the zipper up by August. Yikes, how did I let this happen to myself.
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Rainy-great to hear from you!

We are back from Disney and while I still don't feel good I feel a lot better so it was manageable. The trip was very fun and full of magic and whimsy for Iris. It was also grossly hot. I would only go back in the fall-never again in the heat.

Now that the trip is behind me being pregnant is sinking in and thoughts of all I need to do to prepare for another baby are dancing in my head.
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Hi All! work is slow and looking thru my favorites ans saw Mothering... Had to stop in and say hi!

Congrats nannymom on the pregnancy! You can do it! I did with my high needs daughter when Niko was born. :

Rozzie'sMa - have fun with the new house! Its hard but a good feeling when you are working on your own place.

Hi to everyone and we have been busy coping with school, work and life! Planning the summer fun and camping as much as possible. We did the Grand Canyon over Sara's spring break and had a great tip. Here are a couple pics:

Red Rock State Park above Mojave:

Grand Canyon: One of the overlook centers(it was snowy and windy while we were there!)

Campsite at Red Rocks:

Niko is also in the defiant, stubborn stage I keep having to remind myself he will grow out of someday! Its hard to keep my temper sometimes, especially about 4 pm on a long day at home with him. He loves his pre-school but won't start kindergarten until 2010. He loves going to DDs school to pick her up and visit the kinder classrooms. Most of the 3rd graders know him and play with him after school. I feel lucky to have a great neighborhood school available for the kids!

Work is going okay and DH is doing well in his new position at an engineering firm, just wish he had more projects to keep him busy!

Hope all you guys are doing well and I will try to stop in more than once every 3 months. Facebook is a killer!
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