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Need supplemental income - thinking of buz ops

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I mean biz ops

I fancy myself a SAHM but I have my 3 yo in daycare 20 hours/week so I can help run dh's contracting business and my father's law office. Dh doesn't pay me and my father pays me just enough to cover the cost of daycare. I am committed to keeping home with my kids part time and also keeping the baby with me full time until she is at least a year and probably older. I am interested in possible business opps but don't have much startup cash so need something low risk. What have people tried that works? I could probably handle about 5 hours a week evenings and weekends when someone else can be with the kids.

I wouldn't mind sales but am skeptical of pyramid type schemes ya know?

My other thought is to do bookkeeping for some other local businesses on top of my dad and dh. My concern about this is that I don't have any credentials except on the job experience - no certification or anything.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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Years ago I did bookkeeping for a local business owner. He was desperate and begged me to do it, though I didn't have much experience. He then referred me to others. If you can prove yourself capable and they are willing to hire you, I don't think you'll have much of a problem. Advertise in the local paper, post flyers and maybe even contact local businesses. You'll probably need to get a city/county business license.

Sales... I'm not affiliated with them, but I LOVE Scentsy. I buy from them often. I think the startup price is $99. If your going to sell something, make sure it's something you love and are passionate about. Also, ask around - talk to your friends BEFORE you sign up to see if they would be interested in the products/services.

Best of luck!
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Have you thought of babysitting? I do that and it is quick, easy money and fun too!

I also sell Barefoot Books and it really does work. I agree 100% with Billie, you must be passionate about what you sell! I tried sellling makeup, but it wasn't me. I failed because I wasn't into the products. Now I sell children's books that are culturally diverse and eco-friendly, so it fits me and my family. I believe in my products and I get so excited that it shows to others! In just the 2 weeks since I joined, I have succeeded more then I did in over a year with other companies. It is all about passion!

I don't know anything about bookkeeping, but you can always try! No matter what you choose, love what you do. If you love it, time will fly by and you will succeed faster.

I wish you the best of luck in your search! I hope you find your passion and a perfect fit for you.
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I am intrigued by barefoot books and usborne too. I love books, including children's books and would love selling I think but only if it was profitable. How many hours do you devote to selling and how much money do you make?
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Pros and Cons

To be profitable as a business selling children's books like Usborne, you need to be able to do 6-8 home parties a month consistently, and recruiting often. This means you need to be on the phone everyday, calling potential hostesses and getting them booked. If you don't work it this hard, you'll be breaking even or even losing money. This is just the name of the game in direct sales. The money is in the recruiting, and not in website sales as many hope (which have a lower commission).

I've been with Usborne since 2005, and do not make any money at it. I don't schedule any parties because truthfully, I'm unwilling to sacrifice my evening family time. I sold Natural Family Boutique before they closed, and did much better at that because I could sell at playgroups. There is potential, definitely, just like any other direct sales business, but you have to cold call and get parties booked and people recruited or you will not be successful. Amazon makes things more difficult now, since their discounts are often better than our consultant prices. But they do not offer the full line of books, and you can't earn free and half price books like a home party hostess can.
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I don't think I have the kind of time for selling. I wouldn't even know where to start with booking parties -I guess you just do your friends and hope to get some other new people but I can't imagine doing that over and over again. If I didn't already work 20 hours a week, I might be able to swing it but evenings are no good to be working unless I get out of the house - but not every night.

I have considered babysitting but honestly, I get stir crazy being with my own kids in the house. I always thought I wanted to be a full time SAHM but I don't think I could handle it. I really like having non house/family related work to do. I wish I had more interaction with adults but am happy to be helping run two businesses.

I think I am going to look into expanding a bookkeeping business since I basically already do it for two businesses, I could probably handle a few more for some extra bucks. Plus then I could write off my laptop and other things and avoid the taxes.
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I did Usborne before and had a hard time with competing with so many reps. However, I did get sales! I like Barefoot Books because there is only about 1500 reps, and not a single one on my side of the state! I also fell in love with the books because they are so culturally diverse and that is important to me. I love reading stories from around the world. Then add the fact they are a green company, and I knew it was for me.

I do mostly online right now. I do have a big homeschooling convention coming up that I will be working. I prefer bigger events so I can make more money. I have a home party (my first) planned for next Saturday. I plan to do mostly events and do fundraisers for daycares and schools. I will be doing home parties and online sales as well. I just started in 3 weeks ago, but I have made $200 so far (with no events done, just online). Not counting $200 in free books I got. I got a team member from online and I have 3 more that want to sign (signing on payday). I get roughly 100-150 hits a day online and around 4-9 new contacts a day lately. I work roughly 2 hrs a day online. My events will take a little bit more time.
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That is inspiring. Unfortunatley I looked online and saw there at least three other reps in my general area. I'm not sure if there's room for more. There are no Usborne reps near me but it doesn't seem as cool as Barefoot. What was the startup cost for you?
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A lot of reps only buy for themselves. Technically there are 2 in my area, but they only buy for the discount for their family. So, I consider myself the only one. Think about big companies like Mary Kay...they have tons of reps in a small area and it still works. I wouldn't worry about it unless there was a lot in your area.

It is free to sign up. However, depending on how to you to work...I would recommend the starter kit and/or website. The website is $60 for 6 months and the Starter kit is $99 (worth $240). I got both since I do 50% online, 50% in person. So, I spent $160. The website isn't really needed, but it does help a lot. You can post banners online without a website and still get paid for it! The starter kit I highly recommend because it has all the books, catalogs, order forms, sign, handbook, postcards, etc that you need.
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I totally don't mean to turn this into a Usborne vs Barefoot, but just wanted to add for the benefit of other people reading and trying to decide: Usborne added to the 'cool' factor with it's acquisition of Kane/Miller publishing - lots of award winning stories written from around the world. Catalog here: http://www.matchinggrantprogram.com/...ane-miller.pdf (not my website)

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A lot of reps only buy for themselves.
Interesting. I wonder if that is the case in my area. I really would love selling books I think. Barefoot looks cool but I also love Usborne books. And there are no Usborne reps anywhere near me so there would be no competition. Still it seems like very low payoff for a lot of work even if it would be fun. I cannot afford to buy any books, discounted or not so that would not be a benefit for me except for gift giving. I need profit more than a hobby so I may have to shelve the book selling idea for a time when I have more time and money.
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Hey, just popping by to say that since this post its become completely free to be an Barefoot Ambassador. You get the website for free and signing up is free. It does help to have a good mentor/sponsor. If you're wanting more info just pm me!
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I have been a Scentsy consultant for a year and love it

Originally Posted by *GreenMama* View Post
Hey, just popping by to say that since this post its become completely free to be an Barefoot Ambassador. You get the website for free and signing up is free. It does help to have a good mentor/sponsor. If you're wanting more info just pm me!
hmm neat!
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