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Transferring a blog

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Can a Blogger blog be transferred to Wordpress?
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according to this you can
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Awesome. Thank you!
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are there some advantages to wordpress I'm not aware of?
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Wordpress used to be quite a bit better with more options, but Bloggers overhaul awhile back made it quite a bit better.

I have a blogger blog and a Wordpress installed on a domain and both are easy to use.
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It was my understanding that WordPress was more "professional". I could just be pulling that out of my rear though, LOL!
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neither is more professional. there are templates for blogger that look just as professional as some of the wordpress ones.

just remember that if you transfer platforms, you will lose readers. You will gain new ones back eventually, but keep that in mind (and don't take it personally.)

I personally hate wordpress. Every time I post to it, it disappears. I can't post anything to my wordpress blog.
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Wordpress(.org) is decidedly more professional than other blogging platforms. It has many, many benefits and is easily customizable. The plugins available to wordpress users can really enhance the blogging experience for both the blogger and the blog readers. It is hands-down the BEST blogging platform available and it's frequently updated, so you're always on the cutting edge.

If you transfer to wordpress from blogger, I'd highly recommend that you choose wordpress.org which is the self-hosted solution. Sure, it'll cost you money to register the domain and pay for hosting but those costs are relatively inexpensive and the move is totally worth it. Wordpress platform and plug-ins are free. You are in complete control of the blogging experience and it is fantastic.

I transferred my blogs from blogger a while ago and never looked back. It is the BEST decision I made. If you need help making the transfer, let me know.
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What I really want to do is get my blog and business linked up under the same domain name. I'm not quite sure how to do that though.
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Oh! That's super easy! All you have to do is create another folder on your main domain for your business (i.e. annettemarieisawesome.com/blog). Then you install wordpress.org in the /blog folder. Alternatively, some people design their whole website through wordpress and have the landing page stay static so it functions like a regular website.
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