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37 weeks & movement feels so different-worried

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I am 37 weeks. Just in the past week or less baby's movement has been more rolling etc. I expected this. She also is posterior so I guess I feel feet and arms. It is often like a baseball (or tennis ball?) moving along near my diaphragm. BUT in general it seems like LESS movement on the whole. She seems to have longer between active times and have shorter active times. I am a bit worried about the changes. I am high risk due to previous stillbirth (which makes my hyper nervous) so I do go to NST twice a week. Please tell me if any of this is familiar to you.

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I'm 36 and a half weeks now and there is a lot less movement with mine too for the past couple weeks... everything I've read says this is normal as long as there are like 10 movements in a 2 hour period I believe. I think it is just due to less space for them, but I can understand your worry. I think the NST should help put your mind at ease.
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i think it's normal to have some decreased movement in the last weeks -- there is so little space in there! i agree with the pp: do a kick count to be sure you get at least 10 definite movements within 2 hours. ideally, do this when your baby is typically most active (babies do sleep!) and try to wake him/her up before hand with a glass of juice.

i found this when i googled kick count:

give it a try, but don't hesitate to call your doc if you are worried!!! HUGS!
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I think this is one of those situations when you need to trust your gut. There's nothing wrong with calling the doc if you want to - that's why they're there.

Here's another website for kick counting: http://babykickalliance.org/

good luck - hope all is well!
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oh.. don't worry hun! You are most likely totally fine. My baby's pattern varies so much. he has definitely slowed down a lot in the past few weeks. Some days he moves around all day, other days he doesn't move much at all.

If I did the whole " count how many times he moves in 2 hour period," I would be in big trouble!!!

Try to not worry, but go to the doctor if you need reassurance!
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i would definately call the doctor, just for your own peace of mind. you dont sound neurotic about this and activity towards teh end of pregnancy is one area where women are strongly encouraged to be a little crazy and call if they have the slightest worry. im sure your babe is fine, but i would call.
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