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I was giving my DD her maths lesson the other day. She doesn't have to do school, but she craves organised school work, and asks me to give her assignments like a "real teacher," but reckons she wouldn't like a "real school" because she'd have to do work just to do it, not do it because she wanted to learn (this is so my kid). So we're plugging away at her BrainQuest Grade 1 book (which she does math in, but nothing else, I'm trying not to have her go too far ahead and for now she seems content with K and PK everything else, but the PK/K math is intolerable to her), and she suddenly pipes up and says, "Mama, can I have a graphing calculator for my birthday?" I was stunned and asked her if she knew what that was, sure enough she did, if only in a vague sense. I asked her then where she's seen one and she said, "Aunt A. let me play with hers." Umm. Okay. I asked her when this happened and she didn't know.


I called my brother and his wife and asked her if she even had a graphing calculator. Her answer? "Oh, I used to. Gave it away about a year ago when we moved." Well, I did my own math (of which my skills are abysmal), and the last time we were at their place before that move was when DD was 2 years and 1 month. And Auntie A. did indeed let her play with it.


So now I'm scouring thrift stores in search of a cheap graphing calculator. I don't think she'll be solving for X any time too-too soon, but at least she can play with it and familiarize herself with it. She dearly loves math. I'm in for it, aren't I?


She also remembers tiny details about things. She'll see someone she hasn't seen in months, and remind them that they were wearing a green jacket last time she saw them, and that there was a bald man on that train where she last saw him, and the bald man had a pretty golden retriever dog, and on that train there was also an old lady who was sick, and there were two people with red hair like Carol (her imaginary friend, don't get me started on that). I don't know how people can say photographic memory doesn't exist - it definitely does and there are many people of all ages who prove it.

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My son remembered a year later how to get to the aquarium which is really far away and requires a couple of train changes. He remembered the trains, i had forgotten. He was 3 when we went the first time and 4 when he reminded me how to get there.


He remembered the apartment number of a friend e had been to visit once, and almost a year before. My friend has two surnames (not sure why) and the doorman was asking for her full name (in an nyc apartment bld) and apartment number.  Couldnt remember the apartment number or which name she used. Luckily 4yo remembered and gave us the apartment number.


I mean, i remember numbers well too, but not that randomly. 

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