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Originally Posted by EFmom View Post
What people? Clearly people want to shop on Sundays. If they didn't, they wouldn't. If enough people objected to Sunday shopping, it wouldn't be profitable for the stores, and they wouldn't stay open.

There are plenty of businesses that keep the traditional work week. If people really want to only work 9-5 M-F, jobs like that exist.

I don't want to be forced into a day of rest. I'll pick my own days of rest. It is no more restful for me to be forced to rest because everything is closed than it is for me to simply stay home. I have a sister who is fairly religious and she chooses not to shop on Sunday. Personally, I think it's odd, but it's also her choice. It doesn't seem to be a burden for her to stay home and yet not expect the rest of the population to conform to her religious beliefs.

Are you sure stores weren't open on Sundays when you were young simply because it was tradition? I'm almost 50. We absolutely had blue laws on the books when I was a kid which prevented stores from opening on Sundays. It was only after the blue laws were repealed that stores opened Sundays.

I used to work for Home Depot. They remain open on Easter.

Last year we made less than 5k staying open all day.

So although I see your point, I wanted to point out that businesses might be doing it even if the customers aren't there.

BTW, it's all nice and dandy if people can choose where they want to work. At the time, that wasn't my choice. So yeah, on the most important day of the year for my religion, I had to work 8 crappy hours at my job.

I'd love to do the 10x4 idea of working.
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Originally Posted by claddaghmom View Post
I'd love to do the 10x4 idea of working.
My DH does that and LOVES it.
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What I want to know is this: businesses like Hobby Lobby and Chik Fil A that are closed on Sundays? Are they happy to give their non-Christian employees their holy days off as well? Or is it a one-way street?
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At my retail job, people fight to work on the holidays because we get time and a half. It doesn't mean that they don't want to spend the day at church or with their families, but sadly, they don't have the luxury of doing that. They need the money. If stores were to close for a day, especially one day every single week, it would seriously cut into people's income.
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At my retail job, people fight to work on the holidays because we get time and a half.
Same here, I work at a group home and it has to be staffed 24/7 but holidays are really great to work because we do get time and a half in addition to 8 hours holiday pay (which I would get whether I work or not that day) Since I don't celebrate any of the holidays anyway it really doesn't bother me to work it.

I don't like it when places close early or are closed on Sunday. When we moved here from WA I was shocked to see places close at 5-6 on the weekdays and closed sundays.That's fine, those places just don't get my business.
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Originally Posted by Ruthla View Post
If everything was closed on Sundays, it would be horrible for Orthodox Jews. We don't go anywhere Friday afternoons and evenings and all day Saturdays, except maybe Saturday nights in the winters, when Shabbos ends earlier.

So what do you do if you work 5 days a week, have your Sabbath on a 6th day, and then the 7th day, the only day you're truly available for big shopping projects, the stores are all closed?
Yeah, this. I remember when everything was closed on Sundays. My mother was a homemaker, thankfully, and was able to do all the shopping M-Th, but it would have been very difficult if both my parents worked and were not available to do the shopping during the day M-Th.

As it is, our small town is mostly closed on Sundays and we have to drive 30 miles if we need a hardware store or home improvement center, or try to anticipate everything we might need on Thurs.
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Sucks for those that have to work evenings or 12-14 hour days, 5-7 days a week as things are circling the drain job-wise... No way to get groceries or do a doctor visit or go out to eat for a break. I have a hard enough time with the things here that close at 5pm or 8pm, even less so when hubby's not around (my kids do their best banshee impression at the grocery store - I don't shop with them much anymore). Would sure suck to accidentally run out of bread or milk and not have the option of being able to finish your cooking that day because the stores are all closed.

I like the slower-type pace of life, but that's just me. I get used to cruising town at a leisurely 20-25mph, and town being mostly shut down by 7-8pm on weekdays.
I miss the Saturday morning runs Grandpa and I used to do in the 80's/early 90's to the local dairy farm for the week's milk (and sit and chat with them for a good 20+ minutes and meet a few cows that were being milked at the time) and this chicken place (I don't even know that they were an actual farm, just folks with a ton of chickens!) where we'd pick up a flat or two of eggs - depending on what Grandma's meal plans were that week or how many people were visiting. Those were fun Saturdays.
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