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fall down go boom

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carrying my 2yo to her class I ungracefully slipped and fell on a patch of black ice, gratefully I fell on my very large and cushioned butt. Now I am sore in my neck and back and freaked out about the baby. Had an US today and HB is 174, baby is measuring on dates and there is some blood in my placenta from the fall--
anyone have experience with this??
the ray of hope is I fall every year, now winter can be over
just another example as to why this will be my last baby
happy weekend mamas
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awww... s. I fall down all the time. I'm sure your baby is fine. s
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I would consider going to the chiropractor for an adjustment (for your sake), but I'm sure the baby is fine.
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we both went to the chiro (dh)
I can't imagine what kind of shape I would be in without it
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I'm surprised actually that there's blood in the placenta from the fall...that baby is so protected in there, it's rare that there would be any effects from a simple fall in the first trimester.

I'm glad you're okay! And yes, we're ready for winter to be over, too! (as I look out my window and see it snowing!)
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In my last pg I got in a car accident and my placenta bleed too. I was monitored closely for a week or so, but everything was fine. I was 24 weeks at the time and healed beautifully.

I'm glad you got it checked out!
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