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Breastfeeding Nicknames

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I tried sending this thread before, but it didn't make it. I apoligize if I'm sending this twice.

I'm nursing my 18 month son and we call it tee too. That's what my mom called it with my brother and I. I just picked it up with my son as well. I have heard it called ninney pie before. I was wondering what other people call it.
Share some of your code names for nursing!

here's a list....

tee too
milka milka
nuh/ nummies
nur boob/ nuh side
nee nee
mimi/ mih
mama's milk
boo boo
nuh nuh's & nurse nuh nuh's
mommy's groceries
booby juice
ena/ nena
boo nurse
boo hug
a little something
nurse-- num nums
bah bah
bar side
milky snack
book/ bookie
nurkie/ nurkie side

These are so cute. Isn't it funny how children seem to make up their own language sometimes?!
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I call them "Nursies" but my boy just yanks at my shirt or pokes my boob!
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my baby and i call it milka milka!
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Alec calls it "nuh," which I think is short for "nummies," which is what I call it. He doesn't really talk, so that one syllable is a big achievement!
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I call it "milkies" but DS calls it *opening and closing hand.* He can't say it, but he does a milk sign.
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I too have always refered to it as "nursies" but somehow my little ds who is 23 months has come up with his own name for things.He calls it "nur boob" and "nuh side" :LOL I'm still not sure how that happened but I must admit ...I really think it's cute.Some may be shocked by that but I really can't help myself.He's even got me saying it now, oh brother!

*edited for spelling
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Our code word is "Nee-Nee". It's funny, but each of my four children adopted this code word for nursing once they were old enough to talk, without any prompting from us! It seems to be the one they all settle on!
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I'm so proud of my dd, because a few weeks ago, she started saying "Mimi? Mih?" when she wanted to nurse. She's not quite a year and it's sooo cute!
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I call it mama's milk and ds can't say that yet.. so he will gaze intently into my eyes and with a very serious expression on his face, he will make the sign for "more". If I don't respond he will lift up my shirt and try to put his head underneath it.
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nee nee is what ds used to say, now he plainly says nurse...

dd says maaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaa
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DS calls it "noonies" his early version of nursing that just stuck. He loves to say noonie time.
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DS invented Onnee as his word, maybe from "on knee"???

We taught DD that word and she has kept it.
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My ds calls it "oob", short for boob. I am glad that he can't say boob, especially in public, but oob sounds cute...

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My DS calls nursing *bahbees*. It's his word that he got from me calling them my boobs, so I'm happy with it. I prefer it too boobs. I know some people here are offended by the word boob.
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For the last couple months my son will start saying boo boo over and over until he gets it. Before he could talk I would say do you want some boo boo milk and he would shake his head yes all excited. He doesn't try to lift my shirt yet but will start yelling boo boo in public and I just play it off like oh you see that balloon? I think it is so cute he can ask for it now
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I've always called it nursies and milkies. A couple months ago ds started saying "nah nah nah" when he wants to nurse. It's too cute. He also will just dive head first into my chest. That's usually a big clue. :LOL
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Our name

My daughter (25 months) used to say "Nuh-Nuh" but now she calls my breasts "nuh-nuh's" and when she wants to nurse she says, "Nurse nuh-nuh." Of course, she also does the pulling up shirt/sticking her hands in there thing too.
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My kid isn't yet old enough to say what he wants (only 6mths) but will lunge at my chest with his mouth open if I don't respond to his rooting in time!

Me and my DH refer to it as "mommy's grocerys" I don't know where I picked up on it though? I'm sure bradley will find his own name for them soon enough though! I like the other posts, gives me a heads up on what to expect!
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Olivia calls it Ena or Nena. I don't know why, I always have called it nursing or do you want to nurse. But she will come up to me and start yanking on my shirt yelling "ENA!!!"
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I ask Erin if she wants "snacks"... with my nursing mama friends I call it booby-juice

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