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DS points at his chest when he needs to nurse and if I don't listen right away he starts pointing at my chest. A few weeks ago when he was nursing again and again and again I asked him if he really needed it and of course he nodded yes. So now he points at his chest and nods his head up and down.
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I was so excited when dd, 17 months, FINALLY started using words to ask for milk! Forever, she would either: divebomb me, pull up my shirt : , or ocaisionally sign. She finally started saying "Nuhs, nuhs?". So sweet .
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My 19 month old daughter says "nurtch." She's trying to say "nurse," I know, since that's what I call it, but I like her variation -- since it sounds like it's short for "nurture," which is what I KNOW I'm really doing.
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My first two called it "nur", but this little guy calls it "side you". :LOL
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well i have always called it boob, or nursing, so..
ds called it "Boobah!!!!" until recent, and "nurse"if he really wanted to bad and "Titty!" if he was just desperate :LOL

Now he has made up his own two words for it. (he's 16 mos old)

"Boo-Nurse!" and

if he wants to switch bbreasts he says "Noo BOOBAH!"

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We call it "dee-dee", but DS has shortened that to just "Dee". He will cometimes wake up in the middle of the night mumbling "dee.....dee". He also raises my shirt.
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I can't wait to see what dd (ten months) comes up with. I usually call it nursing or mama's milk but I'm guessing she will have her own idea. For now, she will crawl in my lap and pull my shirt at the collar and look down. Sometimes even if I know she wants to nurse I wait for her to do this because it is so darn cute!
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I always referred to it as ä little something" which is what my family always said when we were looking for a snack (from the Pooh books I think).
So now dd asks for "something" loud and clear, although when she first started asking I thought she was saying "camping"
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Its fun to read everyone's and chuckle Thanks for sharing. We use boo boo's so far for all three boys! Nursing is great good to see so many are nursing their babe's!
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I'm continuing to update the list. Some of these names are so funny. Thanks for replying. Isn't it funny to see how many variations of boob there are? :LOL I guess I'm the only tee too out there. I call it tee too and he understands what I'm talking about, but actually he points at my chest and tries to lift my shirt and says "this". So sweet.
Keep the nicknames coming....
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I love all of these. It is so awesome that our babes can ask us for something so special. And to think we would have missed it all if we had weaned them sooner My DD (16 months old) call it Side. She used to cry between sides and I asked her to say side in between so now it is all called Side

We call it nurse or num-nums
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lately elwynn will smack his lips really loud and put his hand down my shirt and try to pull it down.. its so funny!he always has cold hands and its shocking!
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Dd (17 months) calls it bah bah. Sometimes she'll say boobies, but mostly it's bah bah.
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At about 12 months Sadie started calling my right breast Balloon, and the left Bar Side (Other Side?.) Mia usually says milky snack and Side when she wants to switch sides. It is funny how they come up with their own words. I usually ask if they want to nurse, or mama's milk. My niece used to call breasts "coberties" I don't have any idea where that came from.
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Abby calls it chichi. I have always used that term and she does now too. We speak to her in Spanish and it is spanish for boobie. My DH has always called it that too.

It is too cute to hear her in the middle of the night, sound asleep saying chichi. During the day she signs "milk" and then says chichi.

Anyone else use chichi??
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Ds used to either pat his chest or mine .
Then at around 18 months he started saying "book". I always call it MILK so I guess that was his version. THen around 20 months he started saying milk and I kinda missed him saying book ( silly I know) so I started saying book when he asked for milk and know he says at the top of his lungs, "BOOKIE"!!!! Its funny cuz noone else knows what this means except us and well my close friends and family. In fact, my mom brought ds to me during Xmas and said, "he wants his bookie!" And when we were opening presents ds wanted to nurse and we went to the other room away from the noise and my grandmother asked where we were and my dad says, "They are taking a bookie break!" Gotta love it!

Now, if I can only get ds to NOT lose it, if I dont pull up my shirt the very SECOND he asks......he has no patience when it comes to his bookie!!LOL
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Over a year ago (my son will be three next month) my son started calling nursing "nurkie." When he wants the other side, he says "nurkie side." It's funny how nurkie is a noun and a verb at the same time.

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I tried to organize our ever growing list of nursing code words. Here's what I came up with.

All the words that come from or sound like nurse:
nurse, nursies, nuh, nummies, nee nee, noonies, onnee, huh huh's, ena, nena, nurtch, num nums, nurkie.....

All the words that come from or sound like milk:
milka milka, milkies, mimi, mih, mama's milk, milky snack, book and bookie....

All the words that come from or sound like boob:
nur boob, oob, bah bees, boo boo, booby juice, boo bah, boo nurse, boo hug, bah bah, boobies .....

All the other words that are in a category of their own:
tee too, chi chi, mommy's groceries, snacks, titty, a little something, side, balloon, bar side, coberties....

I love hearing these. Keep them coming.
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i always love when one of these threads gets rolling (was it almost three years ago i posted one myself? good grief! 2 whole babies ago!)

dd called it 'nammiss', as a baby (her word), then 'bosoms'.
ds #1 got used to saying he wanted to 'do', and it turned into 'dooo-ey', which he says with great gusto. of course, now babymax #2 is not talking much yet, but if we ask him if he wants 'do', he runs!

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Jakob is 11 months now. He signs some of the time. A lot of the time he will grab my shirt and try to pull it down. A lot of the time lately he will point (with the tip of his finger actually on my boob) and say "dis" or "dat" for this or that. And the other day he said "ma boo".
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