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My son recognizes the milk sign. Nummies, numnums, boobie juice... (cow's milk is moo juice)

and of course, our favorite..

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Well, Andrew askes by yelling "couck" (couch) at me. I have relagated all nursing to our big green couch during the day so he'll let me sit down without pouncing. We have a glider in his room and he calls it "couck"also. And in between sides he says "swip" which is his way of saying switch. Sometimes he says swip even in his sleep during his night nursing. It's so breathy and sweet. Ahh, I love it.
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Jakob did a new one a few days ago, hasn't done it since: he pointed at my chest and yelled, "Num deedla!" (Yum these?)
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Since this thread started I think that Niels has come up with a word. He does the milk sign, and I got tired of feeling like he was demanding rather than suggesting, so I taught him the sign for "please." Now he just does the please sign and says, "bee!" We'll see if he starts using the word without the sign. It's very cute, though.
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DS just recently addressed my nursies: he has always uttered "uh uh uh uh" when he wants to nurse, and the other day he was finished nursing and said "bye, uh uh". So I guess he calls them "uh uh".
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My oldest started saying 'bah bah' when he was about 6 months - it took me a while to realize that he was talking
My little one said 'pweeeze' from about 13 months to 18 months. Then he started saying 'boo boo'. Now he says 'pleeease' with a big smile on his face if he feels that I need a little encouragment. He says 'othie' when he wants to change sides.
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