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This is my 4th baby and honestly I feel pretty good about my body PP. I am overweight to begin with and when I look in the mirror I see a body that has stood the test of pregnancy and made it through. Sure I would like to loose some weight but that is more for my health than for my self confidence. I know when the weight is gone that my body won't be what is was when I started having children at 22 and I am only 30 now. But I can honestly say that I can be happy with the stretched out stomach and sagging breasts because for me they do not add to my self worth. I just want to be healthy, active, and around for my children.
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I was just thinking about this thread a few days ago while I was looking in the mirror... I may have a picture to post when I get my newborn family pictures back from the photographer, I think some have me topless.

I gained 32 pounds, and right away I lost 23, so I'm 9 lbs heavier than before right now. But I had a c-section (HB transfer) and my scar is kinda high and the way my belly sits on my body is just....weird. All of my PP body issues resolve around my c-section scar and how the fat above it hangs so strangely. I'm almost back to wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes, I even fit a few pairs of jeans, but naked I HATE the way my belly looks around my scar.

I didn't get stretch marks until 41 weeks, then grew for a week before I had him at 1 day shy of 42 weeks. They don't look so nice. But, I'm more convinced they will go away on their own than the scar and how it changes the shape of my belly.
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I'm 2 months pp now. I have about 10lbs left until I'm back to pre-preg weight and have been told that I look good. I feel pretty good about my body right now. I've had three children and have never gotten any stretch marks. I have a little pouchy belly thing going on that only bothers me when I compare myself to younger childless women or when I try to fit into my regular pants. Otherwise, the rest of my body pretty much looks the same. I'm hoping to lose those last 10lbs by summertime, but have some standby clothes if things still don't fit. I've been feeling the need for change lately, though. I usually get a new haircut when I feel this way, but I'm letting it grow. I'm due for a new pair of glasses, so I'll probably look for some new frames soon.
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crashing from April...this has been the thing that is bothering me the most. I had a CS the first time, and my belly was never the same, although about 5 years ago I finally got back down to the prepregnancy weight (she was only 9 ) I worked so hard to get there, I am afraid of not getting back there. LO is 3.5 weeks old and everyone tells me to give it time, the nursing will take it right off. I have only lost about 9 pounds, and have like 20-25 left to go. I am so hungry all of the time, I don't see how it will happen. LO is fussy, very gassy, has reflux, so I haven't had the chance to even start exercising. I have never really had a good body image to begin with, but it was better in the last few years. I am afraid the weight is going to actually make me depressed. And in my head I know that's silly. BLAH
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Honestly? I feel better about my body (overall) than I have in my entire life. I struggled with body image issues and an eating disorder for most of my teens and early 20s. I used to be average weight (healthy but thin & shapely), and that's when I thought I was huge and disgusting. I ended up becoming overweight b/c I stopped throwing up for fear of throwing up my birth control and getting pregnant (irony much?). I gained more weight after getting married, as did my DH. Then just kept gaining.

When I initially got pregnant, I lost 10lbs due to morning sickness, then gained back 25 total. I went for my PP checkup yesterday, and I've lost 30lbs! : So I'm actually thinner than I was pre-preg, which I suspected since I fit into pants I couldn't wear even before, and the pants I fit into before are baggy on me now. I have a ton of stretch marks now, and my boobs aren't as perky, and I have a little bit of a "Mommy pooch".

You know what, though? I'm OK with it. I want to lose more weight, but I want to do it healthfully this time - not just for myself, but for my daughter. I realize that my body is amazing - not for the way it looks, but because I created and nourished a baby for 42 weeks, made it through a difficult and long labor, and birthed a beautiful, healthy daughter. Now I am helping her thrive by nursing her with my body, and that is a beautiful thing!
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