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What do 8 and 9 year old's like? For B-day goody bags :)

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I'm putting together a 9th birthday party for my little brother. I'm really excited about it, it's going to be at a Trout hatchery place with tour guides and fishing and feeding fish and collecting bugs and IDing them and learning about habitats and stuff.

Anyway, i need goody bag ideas because he insists we need to give them out.
There will be 6 boys and 5 girls.

I am clueless

I really don't want to do the little plastic bags full of cheap plastic toys and nasty candies.... but what can i do?

I thought some mamas of kids in the age range of 8-9 could help... pretty please?
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At my son's 9th b-day party last year we gave out everything the kids needed for a particular science experiment. There are lots of on-line science experiment ideas. I think I got this one at Steve Spangler Science. I put everything they needed in a plastic baggie, printed off the directions and included that in the bag as well. They loved it and my son and I had fun putting it all together.
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My oldest just turned 7, so I am not an "expert" in that age yet, but I would think you could have a lot of fun with the "theme" you have chosen for the party itself. Fish and bugs? I can think of several possibilities. If you don't want to go with plastic and candy (although Bugs, bug rings and Swedish fish come immediately to mind!), maybe some kind of small books on the subject? or how about cheap magnifying glasses to go look for their own "specimens" later on?

Just some thoughts. Sounds like an awesome party! I wished we lived somewhere that was a possibility. I guess we do, actually, but my boys' birthdays are in January!
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The science experiment sounds really cool! I hadn't thought much about playing off the party's theme... i might be able to do something with that...
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I love the PP's suggestions!

Loot bags are traditionally something that the kids MADE at the party, then able to bring home.

If there's time- you could have the kids decorate a T-shirt or make cardboard cut-outs of fish, decorate them, attach paperclips, then make mini fishing rods with magnets on the end (I don't think they'd be too old for that just yet).

...snack pack of fish crackers?
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First of all, your party sounds awesome! My son is 9 and wouldn't want to leave!

I try to avoid traditional goody bags. My son loves to get them in the moment, but they are forgotten as soon as he gets home.

With your theme, I'd instead give a small "gift" to each guest . . . you could probably do it for what you'd spend on bags of stuff. You can still put them in a bag . . . you could use brown lunch bags and draw different bugs/fish on them.

Here's what I would do:
1. Book on bugs. Or a collection of printouts from the Internet of bugs/fish/creatures common to your area (would be less expensive than a book).

2. Magnifying glass and jar to store creatures (that they can later let go). I'm thinking plastic jars might be better for the safety factor . . . collect as many plastic peanut butter jars (providing there are no allergies), run them through the dishwasher, and bang some holes in the lid. In the jar, I'd print a list of bug catching "tips."

3. small tablet and a pencil for recording their finds/sketching. You can get these in a bug or fish theme at a party store or just use plain ones.

**maybe 2 and 3 could be given to them at the beginning of the party so they can use them during depending on what you have planned**

4. for the "fun" factor, I'd throw in a bag of goldfish and maybe a couple gummy worms.
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