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Uses for Baby Food Jars

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I know most of you probably don't even use store-bought baby food, but I do, since I am insanely busy. I had planned to make all of my own baby food, but it isn't happening. So, since we are using store-bought baby food now, I've got all these great little glass jars sitting around and I figure there has to be some great uses for them. I just don't know what. Any ideas?
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My mother used to store all sorts of things in baby food jars. Usually things that easily got lost...
paper clips
thumb tacks
Barbie shoes

Many years ago, DP used them for paint until he broke one trying to get it open and nearly sliced his thumb off. I wouldn't recommend them for that unless you are positive there's no paint on the lip.
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My FIL made this cool think where he glued the covers to several pieces of wood then shaped the wood into a circle to be hung (am I explainig this at all clearly?) then he just put various things into the jars - nails, washers other work shop type things and he could just turn the contraption around and then unscrew the bottle to get what he needed. Sorry this isn't clearer - it looks really cool!

You could also use them to put homemade bath salts into, poke holes in the cover and use them as air freshners with either just baking soda or a fun scent.
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baby food jars are perfect for small candles and for storing homemade balms and creams. Also you could use them for small craft items like buttons or beads.
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Not to be alarmist, but there was a study a few months ago about a carcinagin leaking from the lid seals of baby food jars (into the food). read below:

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Originally posted by rainbowmoon
baby food jars are perfect for small candles and for storing homemade balms and creams.
That is what I do with them. I don't use the baby food, but the cheap food is cheaper than little containers at the Container Store! I use them to make gifts of little candles I make and comfrey ointments. ( and I try to buy the baby food that I can let my kitty eat or else I use it as fertilizer: )
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My son's pre-k glass made some really cute candle holders for the parents as gifts out of bfood jars. They glued beads around the rim and decropaged snowflakes on them .
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We made them in my Religious Ed class one year and had a blast!
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Just recently I made home made play dough to hand out in my son's class. But now that I think about it, after reading the reply above mine, I hope no one drops theirs and accidentally cuts themselves. I put little fabrics on the top with yarn to tie them on and a note telling them to make a Christmas ornament out of it and let it dry. Voila.
I just saw how to decomposh tissue paper or napkins onto the jar and put a tea light into it for gifts. (Which is what I'm doing for my extended family. I can't afford to buy Christmas gift for my extended family this year so I figured hey I got tons of jars and tissue paper. Plus it's great for those jars you've lost the lids to.)

With the left over lids I saw this website can't find it now, but it made magnets with the left over lids. It was a lady bug made out of felt and a magnet glued on the back.
And there was a website that talked about making the jars into herb holders, and pin cushions. Oh and the lids they made into a Potpourri magnets. They had lace covering the Potpourri and a magnet on the back: http://www.seedsofknowledge.com/babyjars.html

With this website it shows how to make a fish bowl effect with the jars: How cute huh? I mean you can buy those confetti looking fishes to put in the jars. http://rivalpro.net/~craftykid/babyfoodjars/index.shtml
Boy now your getting me excited on making more crafts with the jars than what I was originally was going do for my extended family. Ha, HA! Hope this help!
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somehwere i read this idea for using a babyfood jar to make a snow shaker

you get some small figurines at a craft store or maybe even the cake dec. dept. and glue those onto the lid

you put some sort of liquid and the snow flakes into the jar and the lid (i'd seal this on myself)

it then sits on its lid

sorry i dont know the exact details
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Those are all wonderful ideas ladies! Thank you all so much. I can't wait to try out some of these crafts. I wouldn't have thought of most of them. I really like the candles ideas, and making magnets out of the lids.
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You could cut up tissue paper in various colors in little squares and decopauge it on with some white elmo glue mixed with water. then put candles in them. my 4 year old made these for gifts one year, and they looked great!@
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I use mine to start seeds even though it can pose a drainage problem. It doesn't for me because my seedlings are in such a dry, warm place that I usually NEED the lack of drainage!!!

I also use them in the garden as cloches for new seeds that I don't want the birds/squirrels to eat. I have to put something small under an edge to get air circulation, but I usually have extra small rocks for this.

Last... and again, on a gardening note... they're AWESOME for storing seeds (if you are growing heirlooms/open pollinated varieties).

DH uses them like one of the pps--he screws the lid to the ceiling rafters of the basement and stores stuff in the jar. Then he just screws the jar to the lid on the "ceiling". FYI--you need 2 screws in the lid for this or the lid will spin... or just use 2 hands (one to hold the lid, the other to screw on the jar). We do this with all kinds of food containers--including peanut butter jars!
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Thanks for all the great ideas! I'm not much of a gardener and have a brown thumb, and DH has awful allergies, so we don'thave any plants in our house, but if I ever get the urge to do some gardening, I will keep your suggestions in mind. Maybe someday when we have a house of our own. Who knows. Thanks.
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