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heartburn already?!?!?!!?

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isn't it too soon for this? i'm only 12 wks!!!!
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I have a touch overnight sometimes. Better than nausea, which is MUCH less this pregnancy than my other two!!

I had a coworker pregnant with me during my first pregnancy, and she had terrible heart burn her entire first trimester. She kept the fruit tums on her desk and ate them all day! (and, if I remember correctly, she only ate two of the "flavors", so she would have to switch out bottles when she ran out of those colors!)
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My last three pregnancies I had it terribly from like the moment I took the test But, this time it hasn't been bad at all - just occasionally (like if I manage to eat a piece of pizza, yk?)
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Originally Posted by 2boyzmama View Post
I have a touch overnight sometimes. Better than nausea
Man oh man, I'd say heartburn is only slightly better than nausea, I had heartburn soooo bad with my son... nothing helped it. Though I am really hating my morning sickness right now too. Both suck!
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