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Sleepy Wrap

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I looked for a review about the Sleepy Wrap but did not find one...

I feel bad posting such a negative review, but I am so appalled and disappointed by this wrap. Also very annoyed that I spent money on it.

It's such a pain...it seems impossible to get it tight enough and when I do, as soon as baby is in it, it sags and sags...I have to take the entire thing off and redo it, as opposed to being able to tighten it up once it is already on. I have only used it a handful of times (due to it being so inefficient) and it has not yet been washed but it is already incredibly frayed around the edges and there are holes in it around where the tag is stitched on.

I really dislike it.

The pictures on the website look great though and it seems like some people have figured it out well enough to use it and to look attractive and comfortable doing so. I wish I were so fortunate! Maybe it is lack of effort or understanding on my part...but I don't think so. I have tried.
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I'm sorry you've had such a bad experiece with the sleepy wrap. I personally love mine. It took a couple of times to learn how to get it wrapped around myself so that it was truly snug and hold the baby well. Once I figured it out though it has worked wonderfully. DS is comforted instantly in it and the nice thing is I can bounce him in it when he's really unhappy. It quiets him down right away and the wrap doesn't get any looser from bouncing. It's nice that it has the stretch to it, because when I walk the natural motion is comforting, versus being held there stiffly against me. He gets frustrated when he is wrapped too tightly and can't move his arms around. My friend also got one and loves hers as well.

As for fraying, your wrap must've been faulty, because I've washed mine and it still hasn't had any problems. I won't say this wrap is for everyone; each wrap seems to suit people differently. I really would recommend the sleepy wrap though. I chose it over the moby because of it's fabric. I like the french terry cloth instead of spandex/cotton.

Oh, one last thing, it's also really nice when it comes to baby wanting to drool on it, it dries pretty quickly. I hope this review was helpful. =)
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I just wanted to say that we LOVE our sleepy wrap here. DD was born just 5 lbs and I wear her everywhere. That wrap is SO comfortable. Even at 6 lbs now the ring sling we have hurts my back after short-term use. But the Sleepy Wrap distributes the weight so well that I can't complain. I have many compliments on the color (green) and the material, too. My Moby-wearing friend really liked the feel of the Sleepy Wrap fabric.

This is something I almost didn't end up having because I thought having a ring sling and a Mei Tei would be sufficient. I have yet to use the Mei Tei because she's such a tiny baby but the ring sling I will throw in the back of my closet. My only complaint with this is that I only have one. I wish I had one for the house and one for the car so I'm never without it!
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i'm glad that others like theirs! maybe mine was just faulty or something. i did buy it new, from sleepywrap. i gave it many, many tries. i was anticipating a learning curve, and i feel like i was quite persistent with it...but no luck. different people like different carriers though, for sure.

i wish i could return it because it fell apart so quickly, but i bought it long before dd was born, so by the time i actually started using it, months had passed since the purchase. oh well.

in theory, i love it, but realistically it never worked for us.
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I LOVED my sleepy wrap and don't think i could have survived ds's infancy without it! I bought it when he was 3 months old and all i could think was, WHY didn't i get this SOONER?! The minute i put it on and put him in, he fell asleep and was so snuggly and he felt so light because it spreads out all the weight. I actually reccomend them to EVERY pregnant woman I see and then tell them about the Ergo and how great that is after they get to big for the sleepy wrap!
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Love, love LOVE my Sleepy Wrap! I wish I had one for kids 1-3!!

This wrap feels like one big hug for the baby. She melts right into me and falls asleep and stays asleep. I can do basically anything with her in it because I just tuck her little head in to the shoulder fabric. It allows me to do ALL my normal daily acitivities and never put her down, which I love.

I wore my first three babes in a sling so much that I think I have a stress fracture or something in my clavicle. I get a sharp pain in the same section of the front of that bone after a certain amount of wear (after a few hours), but not with this wrap. I also adore the Beco for a soft structured carrier.

Very few baby items I own last from baby to toddler, and this wrap won't either (though I won't give it up easily!), but for the first part of baby's life, it's *essential* for me.

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I know this post is old, but despite your experience, I just purchased one after reading this post! LOL! Can't beat their 60 day return policy! I have the Ergo and loved it with my previous child, but I want something for an infant (the Ergo's infant insert is terrible) until we could use the Ergo again. I hope I like the Sleepy Wrap as others have.

I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience with it, though. I'm sure you could sell yours on Ebay without any problems. Hope you have found something you like since posting this!
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I love love love my sleepywrap, so much so that I sold my moby wrap because IMO the sleepywrap is way better. The fabric is stretchier on the sleepywrap which is why you have to tie it on very tightly before putting the baby in whereas with the moby you need to leave a bit of space for baby. DS2 is 10 lbs so he still hasn't started to sag but after about 15 lbs I wil probably switch to my mei tai's and ssc's. Right now I couldn't live w/o it
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i LOVED my sleepy wrap also! I wore my daughter in it just about everyday (from 8lbs-20lbs) until just wanted to run around. I buy them for everyone i know who is expecting a baby
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