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Dye for Diapers

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I want to dye some pre-folds after seeing some outrageously priced ones on the net. What brand of dye can/should I use?
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Dylon(found at Joann's, and I've seen it at Walmart too) works fairly well. I've also heard that Dharma dyes work great, they are a bit less user friendly than dylon however.

Do NOT use RIT dye.
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Thank you!!
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I would not recommend the Dylon Dyes.  For sure go with the Dharma Trading Company Dyes.  They are beautiful and they bond chemically to the diapers so that the dye doesn't come off on your baby.  It is permanent and will not fade!  If you have any questions about Dhama Dyes, let me know.  I got the dye specifically to dye my diapers.

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Did you dye them solid colors? I bought a tie-dye kit with the intention of maybe doing that with our prefolds for DS#2 but I haven't fully decided to do it.


I like the idea of dyeing them solid colors, though.


Has anyone tried dyeing with natural dyes?

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Dylon worked well in the sanitize cycle of my washer. Dharma has the best dyes though.

Koolaid workers great on wool covers
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I use these dyes often for my toymaking work.


The regular procion dyes from Dharma are really safe; I wouldn't seek natural dyes unless you simply like the idea of them or their soft look for your own pleasure.  The fixatives you'd use with natural dyes are as far as I know no less hazardous and can sometimes be more hazardous than the pigments in procion.  They are less reliable and less strong in color, though soft colors could be pretty on dipes.  The only concern with Procion dyes is that they are a dust and could irritate if you breathe it, it's not a toxic dust though. 


The only problem with tie-dying refolds is that they are so thick it really limits what you can do in terms of folding and tying them to make patterns.  That chunkiness makes it hard.  I'd probably go with solid colors just because of that.

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