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The lady madonna apron can be done in any of the fabrics the etsy seller has. the woman who makes them is super nice (I've emailed her on several occasions) - you may want to try to contact her and see what she can do to accomodate you!
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I just bought an apron today at the health food store! It isn't quite as cute as the one I saw in the peir 1 catalog (linked earlier), but it is pretty cute still.. It is very colorful with wide pleats in the skirt and two pockets.. the chest part reminds me of the 50s women's aprons.. they had another solid rose color one with three tiers on the skirt that I also liked really well but I though the chest was a bit too narrow looking on my frame, so I put it back.. will look great on someone though! Very feminine. Dp is convinced feminine aprons will help with our ttc activities.
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I worked as a cook/chef at an organic grocery store in grad school, and we had to wear an apron with a chef's jacket over it, closed toe shoes, and hat every day for safety reasons. That got me in the habit of always wearing an apron with a dishtowel tucked in the belt while cooking. And shoes. For a long time I also needed to wear a hat, too.

Aprons are cute, but my main motivation is keeping my clothes clean and preventing burns. An apron does provide you with some protection from burns. Chef's jackets are even better but I think I'd feel a little silly wearing one at home.
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Not usually. But I think they're really cute.
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I do when I cook and sometimes when I clean. My favorite is a double sided that I made for myself. The pattern called for hemming, but I just cut another piece and turned & topstitched it. I find that oily splatters would find their way through a single layer. I need to make a few more.
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Ok, I officially need to get some cute aprons. I always end up covered in flour on baking days, but somehow I never thought to wear an apron! I bet the boy would appreciate it too .
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Yay, my thread came back up!

I got a new half-apron for Christmas, from my stepdad. It's handmade by an Amish lady, and it's turquoise and white checks with a pocket. It is soooo cute. My stepdad knows me so well!
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I try to remember to wear mine when I'm cooking but should wear one more often. I have a smock-style one that covers everything and has giganto pockets. You've all inspired me to find a free pattern online and get some fabric at the thrift store on payday next week so I can make a couple more to wear more often. Goodness knows I need to!
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I was just looking at free apron patterns and it suddenly dawned on me--repurpose a button-up shirt or blouse! Here's the plan that's going through my head:
1. Find an inexpensive button up shirt at a thrift store (or your closet), a size or two larger than I normally wear. It could be men's or women's.
2. Remove the collar.
3. Carefully remove the sleeves so they can be used as pockets. Do any necessary stitching/trim around arm holes to avoid fraying.
3. Cut the sleeves open to make into pockets. Put the pocket(s) on the BACK side of the shirt (at a height that works best).
4. Wear the "shirt" backwards and just button the top or second button to keep it on. Or make ties if it's hard to fasten the button behind oneself.

It could be a very simple shirt with no added trims or could be made from a pretty women's blouse with added lace or whatever else. This could be made even without a sewing machine. I can't wait to make one! .
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Those aprons are all so cute!!! I totally need an apron now!
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