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Doll size for six year old boy

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My soon to be six year old son wants a baby doll. I am thinking of making a waldorf doll with his input. What size would be good? He has a 17 in plastic doll without much girth or heft. It is not very satisfying for him. I am wondering if a cloth 16 inch baby doll would have more arm satisfaction, or should I make it larger. I would love for him to be able to by premie or newborn size clothes for his doll. He definately can't do that with his 17 inch plastic doll. Should I go bigger?
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I think this doll would be a wonderful experience for your ds-

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Wow that doll looks perfect!!! It's so expensive though, which is why I wanted to make my own. Also they are not taking any new orders.
Hmmmm it is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks. I need to puzzle it out.
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Ours are 18 inches. Premmie clothes are a bit small as the dolls are much chubbier than a real premmie. Newborn clothes are slightly large but not too bad. Also DD (4 1/2) needs the clothes to go on easily so it works out OK for us.

They are as big as I would go however since it's a squash fitting them into some of the doll accessories (cot, car seat etc)
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Good points thank you.
Did you make your dolls?
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I'm currently making a 16" doll (kit from Dancing Rain Dolls) for my 6 year old, but I have a feeling it's going to be well used, and the next one I'll make would ideally be like Jess. Too bad there isn't a pattern for it.

E.V. Lowi: which pattern of Joy's do you think is closest to looking like Jess? Perhaps I can scale the pattern to be larger?
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It looks as if Jess is similar to the Honey doll body but the legs are bent at the knees. I have no idea how Joy weights her Jess dolls. I know she worked on the development of Jess for years.

I learned the crochet strand wig from Joy, although the technique of crocheting loops is quite old and the Magic Cabin dolls have instuctions for a looped wig, as well. Joy calls her wigs made with the loops "Multi-style" and the instructions will come with the Honey patterns.
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20-22 inch and about 6-7 lb fits newborn clothing. my dd loves knowing that is the true size of a newborn. she has been able to hold newborns with skill because she has been use to the proper way to hold the babies : love shocking new moms
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