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Sudbury Internships

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Has anyone done an internships at a Sudbury School?

I'm thinking of applying, what should I expect?

I have no teaching background but am thinking of going to school. My MIL teaches at the Hudson Valley Sudbury in Woodstock, NY and told me about it, and it sounds great. It will also be a great way to see if its for me, you know?
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I don't have a lot of knowledge on the subject, but I have attended a couple of open house events at the Sacramento Valley School (which is a Sudbury school). What I do know is that the adults don't call themselves "teachers". They are "staff". And the kids vote whether to keep a staff member or not. They told me it is often challenging for new staff members that had previously been schoolteachers to get their mind around how things are done there. So maybe not having a teaching background would be a good thing for you! Good luck!
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I never THOUGHT of looking at MDC in the school area, figuring Sudbury was too far out there!  Nice to see you here, Bailey!  How did you enjoy your internship?  


Sandra (Eva, Raffi and David's Mom)

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