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hi! i just wanted to introduce myself. im sure most of you have been here from the beginning, but i just found the mothering community yesterday thanks to a friend.

im shaylan. sahm to a great 3 year old boy. and we are very anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby (girl?) sometime in the next few weeks! my guess date is the 10th, but who knows! im just hoping baby stays in this week because dh is out of the country on business and we dont have anyone within several thousand miles for support. birthing alone with ds isnt exactly ideal

im a hypnobabies momma this time around and im loving it. i cant believe how much stress is just gone because of the program. we co-sleep, are going to ec with cloth backups, definitely into extended exclusive breastfeeding (ds actually self weaned at 16 months. i was hoping to go a bit longer) and all that good stuff

anyhow, i just wanted to say hi!
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Welcome! :
Glad you're here! Just jump on in! It'll take no time to get to know everyone. And most of us are still waiting for our babes so you can join right in with us! I'm due arond the same time as you are.
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Welcome! I am doing Hypnobabies this time around, too, and am loving it. I will most likely be birthing in April, though (guess date is March 28th). Hopefully baby waits for daddy to come home!!!
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welcome! my edd is next tuesday and i am also (hopefully) having a girl.

sounds like, from what you've said, you'll fit right in around here! tons of great information to be had from these forums.
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Welcome to our DDC!
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Welcome, There is a great group of women in this DDC, as I'm sure you will soon learn.
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Welcome to MDC!
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Welcome!! :

I'm also doing Hypnobabies this time around. My guess date is March 21st, and according to the ultrasound, I'll also be having a baby girl!
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welcome! so glad you found us!
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Hello and Welcome!
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Welcome and glad you found us!
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Welcome!!! I'm doing hypnobabies as well!
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wow! thank you all for the welcome! and its so awesome to see other people doing hypnobabies as well! i encountered some resistance from a couple members of my family, but dh is right on board which is all that really matters to me right now.

dh told me last night that he *should* be coming home either tomorrow or wednesday! its looking like he will be able to be here when baby comes, especially since i havent been having any signs that baby is coming out any time soon. yay
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Welcome fellow VT Mama!
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