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I must praise my husband :)

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For all you who think your husbands never listen, I have a story to tell! I've been telling everyone how I've been craving smoothies, which is weird considering how cold it is here right now. Plus I've been commenting to friends and family over the phone how a bit of a sugar boost overnight is helping me control the nausea in the morning (a few skittles at 2am means I wake up with a blood sugar more in the normal range instead of in the 50s, which was causing me lots of nausea).

Little did I know...my husband was actually listening!!! He was at the store today and bought me a new big bag of skittles PLUS he came home with a strawberry milkshake from McDonalds!!!!!!!!! :

What do you know...sometimes men DO listen! Who knew???!!

Cheers ladies! I hope your husbands/partners are doing their part to help you feel better!
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Glad that he is taking care of you. :

Sometimes they do listen well.

Last weekend I got dh up to go get me cinnamon rolls from the store - it was cold and I didn't want to go outside. He got up, went and got the rolls, then heated water for me to have coffee/tea as I wished with the rolls. :
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What a good hubby :heart
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me = jealous!
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i also feel lucky

it's so nice to hear this. i always feel lucky because my boyfriend is amazing and gives me anything and everything that i need or ask for. all i have wanted for dinner every night are waffles and he keeps them in the house. he really just gives me everything, even if it means he has to run out to get some strange thing i want or doing all the laundry or walking the dog when i am too tired.

it makes me a little sad to hear that some significant others are not really that attentive and i feel like i'm bragging when i talk about how good i have it.
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awww...how sweet. I asked my DH to get me something last week that I really wanted and he didn't want to stop and get it. I ended up not wanting it a few hours later anyway so all in all it didn't matter I guess. But I wish my DH were more willing.

Fwiw, I've been craving frozen stuff too. I had a pepsi or coke icee several times last week. They give me an energy boost that I need right now (caffeine) because I refuse to drink soft drinks right now. I also bought ice cream at Baskin Robbins yesterday so I'd have some in the freezer.
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awwww (and a strawberry milkshake sounds good right about now).
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I've been resisting getting a Frosty from Wendy's! I haven't had one for over 10 years but someone on this board mentioned having one and I haven't been able to get it off my mind! I'm hoping the Organic Chocolate ice cream I bought will do the trick!

My DH has been pretty good and will stop to get me anything I want on the way home from work. He does get a little grumpy when he has to do everything for ds at night if I am too sick.
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YAY for your DH and for you sharing ! i'll join in in praise of mine...he called today just to ask how i was doing. i can't recall the last time he did this. he may have done it once before or maybe not at all. i don't know but i was so touched.
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