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At how many weeks gestation did you deliver (not induced) - Page 3

Poll Results: When did your spontaneous labor begin?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 5% (33)
    at or before 36 weeks
  • 6% (35)
    37-37.5 weeks
  • 7% (41)
    38 weeks
  • 6% (34)
    38.5 weeks
  • 9% (50)
    39 weeks
  • 10% (56)
    39.5 weeks
  • 17% (98)
    40 weeks
  • 8% (45)
    40.5 weeks
  • 9% (53)
    41 weeks
  • 7% (43)
    41.5 weeks
  • 4% (26)
    42 weeks
  • 2% (15)
    42.5 weeks
  • 2% (16)
    43 weeks or later
  • 1% (9)
    I don't think my 'due date' was accurate
  • 0% (1)
    I was not sure what my 'due date' should have been
555 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by brightonwoman View Post
Personally I really have to question how many "41wk babies" are actually just mis-dated.
Well, I'm about 99.9% sure that mine weren't, as I was tracking cervical mucous, as well as LMP (I seem to ovulate pretty much when I'm "supposed" to). I also had a shorter gestation with my first baby and longer with my other three. That doesn't sound significant...except that the last three were all fathered by dh, who isn't ds1's father, and dh's mom went 42-43 weeks with all four of her boys. My babies with dh are also larger than my baby with my ex.
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Didn't vote for #1 she was pitocin induced.....

DD2 was thought to be 39+5 but she was COATED in so much thick, thick vernix my m/w said there was no way she could be a 40 weeker....so she wrote down that she was 38 weeks.

DS was 41 weeks....was sure about dates.
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#1: 39 weeks, 6 days
#2: 31 weeks, 4 days (pPROM, placental abruption)

I'm positive of my dates.
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DS was born, bizarrely enough, at exactly 40 weeks.
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LO decided to come at 38wks. After reading all the info, I had thought LO should be here at about 41-42. He's started throwing off my schedules from the very beginning.
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I had non-induced labor begin at 36 wks, 39 wks, 40 wks, 41 wks, and 42 wks.

So a little bit of everything.
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DD1 - 39w0d
DD2 - 40w0d

positive on the O dates! (ETA: my EDDs were based on ovulation, not LMP - that would make a difference too! If I went by LMP DD1 would have been 39w2d and DD2 would have been 40w6d)
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My first was 40+2
my 2nd was 39+2
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The 41w1d average is for birth not when you start labor. I know that I did not give birth the day that I started labor but a day or two later. So, even though this poll is centered around 40w-ish that is for going into labor not birth.
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DS1 - 39 weeks but date was not accurate and I suspect it was actually (based on u/s dating) 40w 1d

DS2 - 40w 1d and date was exact (I was charting)
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I voted 40.5 and 41.5 even though it was 41weeks 2days for the second, so that is more like 41 weeks. The 40weeks 4 days labor was, I believed, helped along by membrane sweeping.

When I was growing up, it seemed most of the babies I knew being born were born after their due date. I thought that was normal. My older sister's first baby, born in 1977, was about 3 weeks past her due date, and ended up being a c-section after failure to progress. She had the classical incision, and then a scheduled c-section for her second, but went into labor early enough that it was before the date. When she got to the hospital, the doctor said that just a few pushes and the baby would be out, but they sadly did the c-section because of the risk of rupture. Anyway, with most of the pregnancies in our family, labor happened after the due date, not before.
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7 42 weekers. I was sure of my dates on several of them (only 2 was I not sure of). Actually if you are gonna look at dates mine actually got longer the more I had and I have talked to other grand multips who said the same thing.
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39w 3d when my waters broke.
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my first was ALMOST 43 weeks but was induced...so no i didnt vote on that one.

the second, right at 41 so i put 40.5.

this one im already past 41 and nothing yet

and my dates are sure because i know when i o'd as well.
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DS was born right at 39 weeks (spontaneous onset of labor).
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My kiddo was born 3 days before his due date.
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37w6d (voted 38w) for DS. I'm curious to see when this baby makes it's debut.
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I've had a 42+1 and a 40+1. But the 40 weeker may have been off, I had only a vague idea of when my LMP was and no u/s dating. So we'll see when #3 decides to show up.
ETA: #1 labor was a day and a half, #2 two days of labor. That still makes it close enough on the poll though.
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I voted 40.5 weeks based on my first. Both of my children were born from spontaneous labor close to 40 weeks.
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My 3 children were delivered at:

39.5 weeks (boy, 9.5 lbs)
38.5 weeks (boy, 9 lbs)
37.5 weeks (girl, 7 lbs)

No inductions or other "encouragements" at all.
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