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for those who have been pregnant before, remember that "thumping" feeling when they are little inside and just beginning to kick? am i imagining things that i think i feel that already, the past couple of days? just a few times. i'm 10 weeks pregnant. my first baby i felt early, but more like 14-15 weeks (and she has turned out to be an extremely active baby and child).

i know the books all say it's "gas". but could it be gas if no "gas" works its way out following the "thumping"?

what do you think??
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I felt something similar over the weekend and I'm around 8-9 weeks at this point. I think it's probably gas for me but only because I've been extremely gassy and constipated for a while now (sorry, tmi). I can't wait to feel the baby move! I remember feeling my last one around 14 weeks as well and she too was an active baby before and after birth.

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Yes, it could be gas, even if you're not aware of any gas coming out. Remember you pass gas every time you use the restroom, and probably several times overnight when you're sleeping.

I've felt some "twinging" here and there, very similar to those first fetal movements, but since I'm only 9 weeks, I assume it's my uterus starting to stretch and shift around my other organs.

But, like I tell my husband, either way, it's body changes from the pregnancy that I'm feeling, so even if it's not direct baby movement, I still think it's cool!
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I thought I felt a thump on my cervix the other day. Is it possible? So looking forward to feeling this babe move!
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